What kind of transmission fluid does a Volvo XC90 use?

What kind of transmission fluid does a Volvo XC90 use?

There are times when you must perform an XC90 transmission fluid flush. If you have to flush your Volvo XC90 ‘s automatic tranmission, be sure to refill it with the correct type of automatic transmission fluid. If you have a 4-speed automatic transmission in your Volve XC90, you have the GM 4T65 AWD automatic transmission.

What kind of coolant does a Volvo use?

A HOAT is used in modern diesel engines and other turbos as well as all BMW and Mercedes. (Did you ever notice that BMW coolant and Volvo coolant are exactly the same?).

Why does my Volvo XC90 not change the ATF?

Not changing your ATF can cause a myriad of transmission issues from minor to major. When I purchased my 2006 Volvo XC90 V8 with 80k on the clock, it had a particularly odd issue where the tachometer would oscillate up and down about 200rpm when the car was in top gear and cruising up a slight incline.

What kind of coolant do you use in a non turbo car?

Prestone is a reputable company. If you have a non turbo car then you can use the regular Prestone. Prestone is an OAT technology (Organic acid technology) coolant. A Hybrid OAT (a mix of oat and other ingredients )is called a HOAT- Hybrid OAT.

What kind of fluid does a Volvo use?

Replace the dipstick and read the fluid level once more. If the fluid level reads at or near the top notch in the dipstick, the fluid level is adequate. If not, replace the funnel and add more fluid. Use JWS 3309 transmission fluid to replenish the Volvo transmission fluid reservoir.

When did Volvo stop making the XC90?

Volvo moved production equipment of the first generation to China and ended Swedish production at the end of 2014, renaming the car as the Volvo XC Classic (or Volvo XC90 Classic ). At the end of 2014, the second generation XC90 was introduced. It is based on a new global platform, the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA).

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