What pressure should a Ferroli boiler be?

What pressure should a Ferroli boiler be?

between 1.0 and 2.0
Your boiler gauge should show that the boiler pressure is between 1.0 and 2.0. If the pressure drops below 1.0, then you’ll need to repressurise it.

What should the pressure be on a boiler gauge?

between 1 and 2 bars
A boiler’s pressure gauge will usually sit between 1 and 2 bars when it is turned on. The exact recommended pressure level will vary depending on the boiler manufacturer, but generally, anywhere between 1.0 and 2.0 bar is ideal. The boiler pressure level will rise when heating a home or providing hot water.

Can you top up boiler when on?

Boilers are built to quickly control these jumps in pressure via the pressure relief valve. This means that you can safely use your central heating and run hot water at the same time. Your boiler pressure should not increase by more than 1 bar above it’s optimal working pressure when you turn the heating on.

When should I top up boiler pressure?

The pressure in the system will usually require topping up once or twice a year. If you are having to repressurise your heating system much more frequently, please contact your installer.

How long do ferroli boilers last?

between 1-10 years
Ferroli boiler warranty Every boiler manufacturer offers a standard warranty with their boilers which last between 1-10 years.

What should water pressure be in a Ferroli boiler?

During normal operation, water pressure in the boiler when hot should be about 1.5 – 2 bars. Remember to disconnect and close the filling loop. Attention! If in your system there are points gathering the air we recommend to fit in air vent valves in those points to avoid regular pressure drops.

Why is the frost protection on a Ferroli boiler?

The electrical circuit of the boiler is designed so that if for any reason the air pressure switch contacts remain closed when the fan stops, the burner will not start up again. The frost protection is a safety device which allows boiler to function properly in temperatures close to freezing point.

How does the thermostat work on a Ferroli boiler?

The thermostat will automatically control boiler operation with the regards to the heating output, it will also interrupt temporairly the electrical supply to meet the thermostat heat requirements. All Ferroli models are equipped with the LCD display that helps in fault finding.

Can a registered person work on a Ferroli boiler?

Only Gas Safe Registered personnel can work on your equipment. If there is an issue with your boiler and you need help contact Ferroli customer service team. Safety first! Before using your boiler, after each restart and repair perform all electrical and gas operation checks

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