What should DPF back pressure be?

What should DPF back pressure be?

Mufflers generally result in maximum back pressures in the range of 6 kPa. In exhaust systems with a DPF, the back pressure can rise to significantly higher levels—especially if the filter is heavily loaded with soot….Table 1.

Engine Size Back Pressure Limit
Less than 50 kW 40 kPa
50-500 kW 20 kPa
500 kW and above 10 kPa

What are the parameters for front inlet flow?

The parameters are below; the flow issues start when the oven reaches 200C where the flow is half the setpoint, and the shut down occurs shortly after when the oven is around 220C. Ok, this is interesting as you are working in constant pressure and not constant flow as I assumed.

What are the OBD codes for a transmission?

The answer on this topic that was provided by Don Bowman — https://www.obd-codes.com/p2181 — contains the statement, “We are aware that a flash update to the PCM on certain vehicles on the… I have a fault code po798 and p2716 for this transmission. It is not shifting into high gear basically. It is also in limp mode.

What should the inlet pressure be on a gas tank?

You can either have the column installed or the inlet capped. De-configure the column from the inlet. Set the inlet temperature to a constant value. Set the inlet pressure to 0 PSI (this is not the same as turning the pressure OFF). Set the inlet total flow to 400 ml/minute.

What is the diagnostic code for Caterpillar electronic control?

Diagnostic Code Information for Caterpillar Electronic Control {1901, 1927, 1948, 3168, 4348, 4802, 4808, 4810, 5511, 5701, 7490, 7494, 7601, 7602, 7610, 7610, 7610} SMCS -1901-II ; 1927-II ; 1948-II ; 3168-II ; 4348-II ; 4802-II ; 4808-II ; 4810-II ; 5511-II ; 5701- II ; 7490-II ; 7494-II ; 7601-II ; 7602-II ; 7610-II

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