What should I do if my Peterbilt wont start?

What should I do if my Peterbilt wont start?

Let me know if neither one has power in start position. The one that has power when in start position should go to same side of solenoid,small post, as the big wire cable that has power all the time,and other small wire goes to other small post. And if you have power to either one of small wires.

Can a battery have good voltage but no crank?

It has a bad cell.It will read good voltage until put under load then it will drop or it can have good voltage but no cranking amps. Cranks, Just because a battery has good voltage does not mean that it can deliver current (which is what you really need to turn over a starter motor). Sounds like you need a new battery.

Is the Peterbilt the same as the starter?

Okay it does the same thing as the ones I showed you just a different shape and color.

How are the wires connected in a Peterbilt?

The two big ones would be connected together when one of the smaller wires gets signal to close solenoid.They go one on each end. No matter what it looks like they all work like this,you can test to see which smaller one gets power when key is in start position and that goes to one of the small post and other small wire goes on opposite post.

Is there a no crank no start truck?

Discussion in ‘ Freightliner Forum ‘ started by sixxjoe, May 19, 2013 . I have an 07 m2 with a no crank no start…I have power everywhere is should be…starter alt power block on the fender well but when I key up the truck I get a beep and no gauge sweep or codes.

How many cables do you have for Peterbilt starter?

How many big cables you have that depends on how many batteries you have they are in two different spots one on back side of starter and one on end of starter,the end is ground the middle on solenoid is positive so I want to be clear..the small wire on the solenoid on the fire wall is probably the one that is burned in two or not working??

What kind of engine does a Peterbilt 387 have?

****OVERHAULED******2012 Peterbilt 387 with Raised-roof Sleeper, GVWR 52,350, FR 12,350, RR 20,000 ea., Paccar MX13, 455 HP Deleted, AUTOMATIC Eaton 13 speed transmission, Trans and upper engine ov… See More Details Enter search information and click the Search button below. Use the TAB key to move between fields.

What kind of engine did Peterbilt have in 1996?

1996 Peterbilt 379 Extended Hood, Cummins N14 red top, 13 speed manual trans. Rebuild with 110k miles, no paperwork available. Power Steering, Dual Breathers, Dual Exhaust, Overhaul; 6×4.

Why are my turn signals on Peterbilt not working?

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Why is my Peterbilt electrical panel not working?

If you or your mechanic has recently done work on your truck’s electrical wiring, the wire harness might not have been replaced. The wiring harness bundles the wires together according to factory specifications, preventing chaffing of the insulation and eventual grounding and shorting of the circuit.

What to do if a Peterbilt circuit breaker blows out?

Circuit breakers are used to protect the circuit from power surges, and can occasionally blow out. Peterbilt circuit breakers can either be reset by a switch located in the electrical panel or by unplugging the entire circuit and plugging it back in. You can also consider replacing it with an automatically resetting circuit breaker.

Is there a wire diagram for a 2005 Peterbilt 387?

I have found the wire diagram for a 2005 Peterbilt 387. In PDF format. About time. That would be a great thing to have !!!!! Any links or something ? so I was driving everything was great temperatures were fine all of a sudden I lose all electrical power the only thing that was still working was the four ways.

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