What should I do if my trunk lock actuator is broken?

What should I do if my trunk lock actuator is broken?

If you try to unlock the trunk with the fob or switch in your car and it doesn’t work, but the manual lock works fine, this is a clear cut signal that your trunk lock actuator is broken. There is no repair that can be done at this point and you will have to contact a mechanic so they can replace the trunk lock actuator.

What should I do if my trunk lock is not working?

Occasionally the linkage may become damaged, or the electronic wire that is attached to linkage might come loose. If you notice that the trunk lock does not spring open when you press the fob remote or the button inside your vehicle’s cab, contact a mechanic so they can determine what is wrong and fix it as soon as possible. 2.

How does a trunk lock work in a car?

Today’s trunk locking mechanisms are comprised of a keyed lock cylinder and a trunk lock actuator in cars that offer a power trunk release once activated. The trunk lock actuator then releases the trunk latch so the trunk can be opened.

Can you pick up a part at a junkyard?

Whether you don’t have the correct tools, lack the time needed to pull the part or just don’t know how to pull the part correctly, it’s OK and we make it easy. Simply speak to a Team Member about the part you need and they will provide a detailed quote and expected timeframe for your part to be ready for pick up.

How do you remove a trunk lock cylinder?

Tip: If you have the bolt-secured type of lock cylinder, you may need to use a socket wrench to loosen, and later tighten, this bolt. If you have the type of lock cylinder that is secured by a retaining clip, you will need to use gloves and needle nose pliers. Step 4: Remove the trunk lock cylinder.

How do you reconnect a trunk lock actuator?

To reconnect the actuator cables, you will place the ball end of the cable into it’s seat before placing the cable retainer into the guide bracket of the actuator itself. You may need to manually press back on the spring loaded latch to get both the ball end and the retainer into the proper position.

This can usually be done by hand, but if you are having trouble, use a flathead screwdriver or a trim panel removal tool. The trunk door carpeting may need to be removed as well, if your vehicle has any. Pop out the plastic retainer clips with the trim panel removal tool and set the carpeting aside.

What do I need to install a trunk latch?

Weatherproof for use underneath the vehicle for door or trunk releases. Requires a 5/8″ mounting hole. open your hood or deck lid. Top quality aircraft cable and durable housing may be cut-to-length. Kit includes housing end cap, “no-fray” cable stop and 3 cable clamps.

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