What should I know about Eaton Fuller clutches?

What should I know about Eaton Fuller clutches?

The most important areas to cover in the training programs that can affect clutch performance are: 1. STARTING THE VEHICLE IN THE PROPER GEAR An empty truck can be started satisfactorily in a higher transmis- sion gear ratio than when partially or fully loaded.

What makes the Eaton easy pedal advantage clutch so good?

The Eaton Easy Pedal Advantage® clutch offers maximum uptime and performance. With the use of assist springse Easy-Pedal™ design reduces pedal effort by as much as 50%, increasing driver satisfaction and ease of operation. New patent-pending release bearing provide increased lubrication and improved strength to extend the life of the clutch

What is the torque of an Eaton clutch?

not present Clutch Torque lb-ft (must equal Eaton Heavy-Duty ECA Clutch for 1850 1 122002-35A (w/ Low Capacity Inerti 1850 1 122002-35EX (w/o Low Capacity Iner 2250 1 122003-42A (w/ Low Capacity Inerti

Do you need an Eaton clutch installation kit?

An Eaton Clutch Installation Kit has all the parts and instructions you need for longer clutch life, smoother shifts and less wear on your transmission. Input shaft design engineered to eliminate idle gear rattle.

What causes transmission to walk apart in Eaton Fuller?

Tapered or worn clutching teeth will try to “walk” apart as the gears rotate. Under the right conditions, slipout will result. Some of these conditions are: Transmission mounted eccentrically with engine flywheel pilot. Excessive gear clashing which shortens clutching teeth.

How to troubleshoot an Eaton heavy duty transmission?

Guide to servicing and repairing Eaton Fuller heavy-duty truck transmission, assistance locating the issue of transmission trouble, analyze the cause and make necessary repairs for 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed Eaton transmissions. For more in-depth assistance refer to your transmission model service manual or give us a call at 877-776-4600.

What causes release bearing to fail on clutch pedal?

Riding the clutch pedal will also put a constant thrust load on the release bearing, which can thin out the lubricant and also cause excessive wear on the pads. Release bearing failures can be attributed to this type of operation. 5.

How much does an Eaton flywheel clutch weigh?

Self-Adjusting Clutches Install Install Clutch to Flywheel Use the Eaton Clutch Selector Guide (CLSL1511) to make sure you have the right clutch. An assembled clutch weighs about 150 lbs (68 kg). Avoid the risk of injury. Use proper equipment when lifting a clutch. Progressively tighten mounting bolts in a crisscross pattern starting with the

Who is the leading supplier of heavy duty clutches?

Eaton is a leading worldwide supplier of medium and heavy-duty clutches to the commercial vehicle industry. Our OE and aftermarket clutches are unmatched in terms of reliability, durability and performance.

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