What to do if your guage is going crazy?

What to do if your guage is going crazy?

Check the ground cable at the frame under the driver’s seat. Clean it and make sure it is secured good. Does it work OK with the light off-? If so- could be a short in the trailer plug– or the cable that is behind the driver side– on top of the gas tank– (That is for a 5th wheel plug if the person wants to add one.)

Why does my Chevy Guage have a problem?

Under that theory, the cluster should work fine with the alternator providing more voltage. It doesn’t. Mine would alternately fail while running. The repair guy said the problems with the clusters are most often a combination of stepper-motor failure and poor solder connections.

When do the gauges go off on a Dodge Ram?

Gauges go off & on when 2003 Dodoge 2500 truck hits a bump. Also NOBUS light comes on. Headlights come on also.

What to do if your instrument cluster is dead?

Checked the instrument cluster fuses both were fine. Had power to the fuse and grounded properly. Back lights work and turn signal lights work, other than that the dash is dead…….help! What you have is a bad solenoid. It can be found with your fuse panel. With the key on take a test light ground it and check for 12 volt power at the solenoid.

Is there a problem with my GMC guage?

That took care of my security issue I had a few weeks back. This almost sounds like the problem that im having, Did you figure it out?

What happens when you have an electrical problem in your car?

When your car has an electrical problem you will notice any of the following: The car’s power slowly dies while you’re driving. The car’s lights begin to dim. You have trouble starting the car. The car won’t start at all.

What to do if your GMC has an electrical problem?

The full rebuild replaces all steppers with new gen motors, lamps, and the troubleshooting fixes bad solder joints, and can fix power supply problems originating in the cluster. Old ones like mine can also benefit from a re-flash with new software which GM provides.

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