What was the problem with my Freightliner SMARTSHIFT?

What was the problem with my Freightliner SMARTSHIFT?

I figured it had to be in the wiring harness and/or the tranny ECU. They called me that evening (previous conversation was first thing in the morning) and said they found the problem and needed to replace the wiring harness and ECU 🙄 and the x/y shifter paddle.

What’s the span of a 10 speed transmission?

Despite its relatively wide spread between 1st and 10th gear, the overall span for the 10-speed transmission is hardly the widest out there. At 7.384, it was determined (through extensive simulations) that there was no real benefit to widening the span to 7.4 or greater.

What did the 10 speed gearbox do for Ford?

Ford took point on the (10R80) ten-speed gearbox, setting their sights on rear -or- four-wheel drive vehicles equipped with longitudinally mounted engines. Conceived with economy in mind, the expectation was that both companies would explore certain economies, thanks to the maximization of parts commonality.

What’s the difference between ZF 8 speed and 10 speed?

When compared to the 25% drop seen in ZF eight-speeds, this is impressive, as it maintains close-to-peak power during full-throttle acceleration. In addition, it ensures smoother shift transitions (and better all-over operation) in towing scenarios, a primary concern for those behind the wheel.

What causes the gears to slip in an automatic transmission?

Low fluid level: Automatic transmissions depend on pressurized hydraulic fluid. A low fluid level can result in lack of pressure, preventing the gears from engaging like they should. This often results in transmission slippage. Solution: A transmission doesn’t “burn” fluid the way an engine can burn oil.

What should I do if my transmission is slipping?

After adding the fluid, I suggest that while the car is running, you move the shift lever through the different gears on the shifter selector, and then check the fluid again. Running the shifter through the gears redirects the fluid to different parts of the transmission and removes the air pockets.

When to see a mechanic about a slipping clutch?

If the clutch is not fully disengaging, this is also something that should be looked at by a mechanic. A slipping clutch is not a problem that will get better once driving habits improve; once the slipping starts it only gets worse until the clutch is replaced. There are a number of good reasons to repair a slipping clutch right away:

Why does my SMARTSHIFT not go into gear?

Elaborate a bit please. Won’t go into gear… while you’re stopped? Like I said in another thread, if an autoshift has the clutch not adjusted correctly, the clutch brake won’t be reached, and the transmission won’t go into gear until the input shaft is stopped.

What are power surges on a SMARTSHIFT truck?

The tech said they’ll have to pull the transmission and TAKE PICTURES OF IT!! Is it just me, or does that sound almost morbid?? Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone?? They’re not “hot flashes”…they’re POWER SURGES! Elaborate a bit please. Won’t go into gear… while you’re stopped?

Is the Meritor office closed on July 4?

All Meritor offices will be closed July 4, 2018 in observation of the holiday. Our response to COVID-19. Our response to COVID-19. Our response to COVID-19. 01. 02. 03.

Why is transmission not engaging on high side 7-9?

Not engaging on high side 7-9, I was told there are lines crossed. I have changed air dryer and governor. Lines switched around, and either I have correct air pressure and sleeper air bags and no shifter, or shifter and losing air pressure down to 60.

Why does my hi-lo transmission not shift high?

The Hi-Lo splitter has an air operated valve there that could be bad, so you may have to replace that first and try. I don’t think that valve is very expensive. I bought a truck a few years ago that would not shift into high range.

How to switch spaghetti lines in a truck?

Try out those few things first before you tear into anything else. If you need to switch the spaghetti lines look at the fittings real close , on the newer ones you will have to push the sleeve down that the line goes into , once you have that pushed down hold it down and pull the line out.

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