When did the Detroit Series 60 truck come out?

When did the Detroit Series 60 truck come out?

Acquire a power-tuner or take your truck to a dealership with the equipment necessary to re-tune the engine. Introduced in 1987, the 12.7-liter Detroit Series 60 and its 14-liter replacement remain a standard to this day.

Are there any problems with the Detroit Series 60?

This issue did not affect all pre-2002 Series 60 engines, but it was a problem that occurred and could cause catastrophic engine failure. As with most engines, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your cooling system. Overheating is the cause of many major issues with diesel engines, so maintaining this system can help with many preventable issues.

How to check Detroit Diesel Series 60 ECM?

Detroit series 60 ECM – Answered by a verified Technician. Here is diagram of the vehicle harness plug and the pin outs. graphic. Here is a I am going to attach a diagram of the engine harness also, so you can check the SRS and TRS wires. Series 40 detroit Diesel engine in a motor home. Ddec Iv Ecm Wiring Diagram. Source.

Who is the owner of the Freightliner truck?

Now owned by Daimler, Freightliner trucks remain just as versatile as ever but rely on a variety of different engines. Following Daimler’s acquisition of Detroit Diesel in 2006, Freightliner switched almost exclusively to engines from that manufacturer.

How much horsepower does a series 60 Freightliner have?

A stock Series 60 block is capable of withstanding over 3,000 horsepower’s worth of boost or nitrous, so inject as much as you need to meet your speed requirements. Nitrous-injecting your way to 3,000 horsepower isn’t going to come cheap. Nitrous generally adds about one horsepower per 0.34 pounds of nitrous injected per hour.

How can I Make my Detroit Freightliner go faster?

However, all modern Detroits use computer controls, so re-tuning up to 800 horsepower is generally only a matter of selecting a power setting using the computer tuner. Disable the electronic governor. Increasing engine power will only increase your pulling power; without removing the speed governor, you’re not going top see any increase in speed.

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