Where can I find I386 folder?

Where can I find I386 folder?

The I386 folder contains the installation files located on the installation cd for 2000/xp. When it’s placed at c it can be used to prevent you from having to supply the Installation CD when the OS needs it.

What is folder I386?

I386 folder is a copy of the installation CD-ROM (XP CD).

Where is I386 folder in Windows 7?

(The contents of the i386 folder can commonly be found in the folder at C:\Windows\Options\Cabs. This Windows “cabs” folder is essentially the same as the i386 folder.)

Can I delete I386 folder?

You can delete it, and Windows will still continue to run.

How do I delete i386 files?

3 Answers

  1. Show what foreign architectures are installed: dpkg –print-foreign-architectures. Might show: i386.
  2. Review i386 packages on your system: dpkg -l | grep i386.
  3. Remove all i386 packages: apt-get purge “.*:i386”
  4. Now you can remove the i386 architecture: dpkg –remove-architecture i386.

How do I uninstall AMD64?

So all AMD64 files you see are 64Bit files. No you can’t delete them. You can only safely cleanup WinSxS by running disk cleanup after installing Update KB2852386 to remove Updates which are replaced by newer ones.

How do I add amd64 architecture?

For example, if you have an amd64 system that you want to install i386 libraries onto, do the following:

  1. multiarch support is present from dpkg 1.16.
  2. run dpkg –add-architecture i386.
  3. run apt-get update to refresh the package cache with the newly added architecture.
  4. to delete i386 run dpkg –remove-architecture i386.

What is AMD64 Microsoft?

“AMD64” is a generic identifier for 64-bit code in Windows. There is the AMD64 code branch which includes both AMD and Intel processors, and there is the IA64 code branch which includes only Intel Itanium 64-bit processors.

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