Where is the fuel pump access panel located?

Where is the fuel pump access panel located?

It is located under the passenger side of the rear seat. Area marked off to be removed. For cutting i used a Dremel and their reinforced cutting wheels. Only used 1 1/2 wheels to cut the panel out, just have to go slow.

Where is the test point for a fuel pump?

Hook the pressure gauge to the fuel pump test fitting. Locate your fuel pump test point, which is usually near the fuel injectors, and locate the point at which the pump hooks up with the filter injector rail. There should be a separation joint or a test port, where the pressure gauge attaches.

Why do you need to cut fuel pump access panel?

The other nice thing about cutting a opening for the fuel pump assembly is – it also provides access to the fuel filter hose connection in the pump assembles lid (black hose with the red male connector). In the case where that hose gets damaged when changing a fuel filter and needs replacement.

Where can I get a fuel pump gauge?

Get a fuel pressure gauge. Commonly available at most auto parts stores for $20-30, a pressure gauge is a good investment, useful on most makes and models of cars. If you don’t want to buy one, you can also often borrow one from machine shops or auto shops who have them to lend.

Is there a hole in the fuel pump?

Not in the groove. In the groove after i snapped it back in there. Here is the hole itself and as you can see the fuel pump module that you now have easy access to. Now you will need to clean all of the dirt and grime off of the whole area before opening it up.

How to change the fuel pump in a trailblazer?

You need to remove the rear driver’s side seat. It’s just two nuts. Move the seat forward, take off the two bolts, and pull out the seat. Then you remove the trim from the bottom of the rear driver’s side door jamb and the B pillar trim. Move the front driver’s seat up all the way to give yourself a little more room.

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