Where to find injector trim on Cat et?

Where to find injector trim on Cat et?

“Injector Trim” is displayed below a 268-2 or 630-2 Programmed Parameter Fault : Erratic, Intermittent, or Incorrect. The diagnostic code is displayed on Cat ET.

When do I need to copy injector trim files?

An injector trim file must be loaded into the ECM if an injector is replaced. The “Copy Configuration” utility on Cat ET copies the injector trim files between two engine control modules. If the “Copy Configuration” fails, load all of the injector trim files manually into the new ECM.

Where do I find the serial number for injector trim?

Record the injector serial number and the injector confirmation code for each injector. Click on Service Software Files in SIS Web. Then select “Injector Trim Files”. Enter the serial number for the injector in the search field. Download the injector trim file to the PC. Repeat this procedure for each injector, as required.

How do I exchange injector trim between cylinders?

If two injectors that are currently installed in the engine are exchanged between cylinders, the injector trim files can also be exchanged. Press the “Exchange” button at the bottom of the “Injector Trim Calibration” screen on Cat ET. Select the two injectors that have been exchanged and press the “OK” button.

How to troubleshoot an engine injector trim file?

Refer to Troubleshooting, “Electronic Service Tools”, if necessary. Select the appropriate cylinder. Click on the “Change” button. Select the appropriate injector trim file from the PC or the CD-ROM. Click on the “Open” button. Enter the injector confirmation code. Click on the “OK” button.The injector trim file is loaded into the ECM.

How to create an injector trim code spreadsheet?

He did alot of work with injector trim codes. Testing flow of each. I took his information and made a spreadsheet. We all know were are not supposed to run straight 5232, 6999, or the like…due to the fact that no two injectors were created equal. Even a new set from CAT will be off from one another. Hence the need for trim codes.

How many injector codes do you need for a C-15?

Just in-framed a C-15 at work (my first cat rebuild). Has anyone ever ran into having brand new re-man injectors right from CAT not having the 12 digit code needed for the trim files.

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