Why are there so many problems with my Hayabusa?

Why are there so many problems with my Hayabusa?

Many problems are the result of poor maintenance and/or performance related modifications. However there are those that occur from wear and tear. Here’s a list and some successful problems/solutions tried by various owners and results good or otherwise of their solutions!

What to do about Grabby clutch on Hayabusa?

A grabby clutch can afflict any bike. There are a number of solutions to this particular problem. Clean the lever and cable assembly. If you are using fully synthetic oil it apparently is a very good lubricator hence the extra bike. Change to oil to a semi-synthetic version to cure the problem. Sent in by Mike B

How much horsepower does a Hayabusa motorcycle have?

Bikes in particular those like the Hayabusa are extreme performance machines. Let’s face it extracting at least to 130Kw and 138Nm from 1298cc in such a small package is quite an achievement.

Why is clutch fluid leaking on my Hayabusa?

Clutch fluid leaking from around the piston seal. The problem came from dirt entering around the piston when the piston is in the retracted position, causing corrosion around the bore and enabling fluid to leak past the seal, to solve this problem there should be a rubber gaitor around the cylinder and clutch push rod, stopping dirt entering.

What are the problems with the Hayabusa Busa?

… Loading… Possible ignition switch issues? Continuous clicking near fuel pump. Anyone successfully bleed Brembo’s? Did oil change now it wont start…smh!!

What’s the speed limit on a Suzuki Hayabusa?

The motorcycle isn’t restricted in the lower gears its full power all the way to the 186mph speed limiter. Cosmetically the Suzuki Hayabusa has been tweaked, especially the back end, and there’s a noticeable difference in the quality of finish.

Why does my Hayabusa not start after oil change?

Did oil change now it wont start…smh!! Ducati whistling clutch sound when I pull in the clutch? Only starts if jumped across solenoid. 2008 Bad fuel pump? 6000rpm rev limiter?????

When did the Suzuki Hayabusa go out of production?

The Hayabusa officially went out of production in 2018 as it struggled to keep up with ever-stricter emissions regulations in Europe. We expect to see a new Euro5 model released in 2021.

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