Why did the odometer quit on my 1998 Peterbilt?

Why did the odometer quit on my 1998 Peterbilt?

1998 379 peterbilt speedometer and odometer quit. The transmission has one sensor on the tailshaft that I pulled out and cleaned up then reinstalled, nothing changed anyone know where to go next or how to test the sensor? Thanks for any help!! I’ve got a 90 and had lots of problems with the plugs going into the back of the gauges.

What’s the speed of a 98 Peterbilt Speedo?

98 peterbilt speedo sometimes runs 12 to 15 mph fast if i stop and turn off engine and restart it will reset to normal, but not all the time. had this problem before but it quit acting up for a year, now it started doing it agan Did you find the recommended reading relevant to this discussion?

Are there any problems with the Peterbilt gauges?

I’ve been having problems with the Peterbilt in my sig. Some the gauges from time to time go crazy. :crazy: They go back and forth between zero to pegged out with the red idiot light in each gauge coming on when the gauge gets to red zone, and with the low air buzzer going off.

When to troubleshoot a Peterbilt electrical panel?

For example, white is grounded and red is protected up to 12 volts. If you’re experiencing problems with your instrument panel or sensors, troubleshooting your electrical panel is the first place to begin looking for a solution.

Can a tampered odometer be rolled back on a car?

Contrary to the popular belief that digital odometers can’t be tampered with, odometer rollback can be done on almost any car. This malpractice is quite effective for con artists too as it is not easy to detect such frauds.

What should I look for on my odometer?

Apart from this, you can check the car for wear and tear on the steering wheel, brake and clutch pedal, gear knob, condition of the seat cushions etc. Cars with over 100,000 km on the odometer would generally have these parts also displaying signs of wear.

How can you tell if a car has an odometer fraud?

The most trustworthy method of checking for odometer fraud is also the most old school one. Before buying a used vehicle, ask for a detailed service history of the car, or at least find out where the car has been serviced mainly.

What does it mean when your speedometer is not working?

If cruise control is working, and the check engine light is on, it may indicate a problem with the speedometer itself, and may require a change of the instrument panel. A ‘check engine’ light is a serious issue on its own and must be checked immediately.

How do you replace the speedometer cable in a car?

~ Once you have removed the old cable from your car, you need to replace it with a new one. In the adapter, fix the square end of the new cable and also tighten the nut on the rotating shaft. ~ Now, pass the new cable through the passage and tighten the bolt at its rear end. This end should be fixed at the speedometer’s square hold.

Where was the speedometer before the speed gun?

Before the invention of the speed gun, cars in the early 20th century were required to have two speedometers, one on the dashboard and one on the front fender, so that police could see how fast they were going! A speedometer is an instrument which provides the driver with instantaneous readings of speed.

How to add a Peterbilt tachometer to your wish list?

Click the button below to add the Peterbilt & Kenworth Tachometer & Speed Sensor K3455 to your wish list.

How much does it cost to ship a Freightliner speed sensor?

Please be aware that any purchases of this specific product that are shipping outside of the contiguous 48 United States will incurr an additional $15.00 handling fee and an additional 5 day lead time before shipping. This is in order to transport the product to our local warehouse to properly prepare and package for international shipping.

Why is my speedometer not working on my truck?

So after dropping my 13 speed Eaton And got it rebuilt after butting the transmission back and test drove the truck I found out that My speedometer doesn’t work because I think that the speed sensor wires got missed up some how after mounting the trans up , any idea how to rewire the speedo sensor with new wires . Your response is appreciated .

Is the Peterbilt 387 ACERT no DPF?

Make sure it has no dirt and it should work. I have an 09 peterbilt 387 c15 acert no dpf.

What to do if your mph gauge is not working?

Had the exact same problem, my mph gauge would say no data and 5 gauges were not working, the needles on 5 gauges would swipe like whipers and there were red lights staying on. Just tighten up the harness coming out from the computer, or clean the pins/connector up.

How can I Reset my Peterbilt circuit breaker?

Peterbilt circuit breakers can either be reset by a switch located in the electrical panel or by unplugging the entire circuit and plugging it back in. You can also consider replacing it with an automatically resetting circuit breaker. Check for corrosion.

Is there a charge for the Pete 387?

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. In my 08 389 the dash is controlled by a computer. Had some problems and Ptb. did an ESA update,no more problems. What’s ths ESA update? Don’t know anything about it, and I doubt werners retarded mechanics will either. From this article

What happens when the speedometer sensor is not working?

The speedometer sensor is also a critical component in the proper operation of a vehicle’s cruise control. When the sensor is not working correctly, it will not send a signal to the CPU, which impacts the vehicle’s ability to set the throttle for a desired speed.

Is there a charge for the Pete 389?

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. In my 08 389 the dash is controlled by a computer. Had some problems and Ptb. did an ESA update,no more problems.

What happens if your speedometer does not work?

If the speedometer sensor is not working properly, the speedometer will be inaccurate; potentially leading to speeding tickets or unsafe driving situations. The symptoms noted below will give you an indication that a problem exists with your speedometer sensor: 1. Speedometer does not work

Where is the speedometer located on a car?

Where is the speedometer sensor located? The speedometer sensor is located in the transmission of your vehicle and is designed to register the driveshaft’s rotational speed. The sensor delivers this information through the speedometer cable and to the vehicle’s computer, which converts electrical pulses into a numerical speed.

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