Why do I have white smoke coming out of my exhaust?

Why do I have white smoke coming out of my exhaust?

Many times, this thick smoke is due to the likes of a blown head gasket, damaged cylinder, or a cracked engine block, which is causing coolant to burn. Thick white exhaust smoke usually indicates a coolant leak, which could cause overheating and put your engine at a serious risk of damage.

What causes white smoke to come out of exhaust pipe?

White smoke coming out of exhaust pipe might result due to so countless reasons however when you see white smoke from exhaust at startup, just know that your car is probably are having one of the following issues below: A bad, warped or cracked cylinder head.

What causes the smoke to come out of the tailpipe?

If oil were to ever leak out of your piston rings or valve seals, then it would flow into the internal combustion chamber along with the fuel. Once the fuel and oil get mixed together, it will cause to come out of the tailpipe. The color of the smoke will actually be blue-ish but it will appear to be white smoke to some people.

Why does my exhaust pipe have a sweet smell?

To confirm this, simply use your hand to control some of the exhaust smoke to your face (i.e. don’t place your face directly opposite the exhaust pipe) and smell the smoke. It is most likely coolant if it has a sweet smell, and this is one serious problem. Let’s look at the main causes of white exhaust smoke and how to fix the underlying cause.

When to worry about white smoke coming from your engine?

The takeaway is that you only have to worry about white exhaust smoke when it is thick, smells sweet, or doesn’t clear up in less than 2 minutes after starting your engine. If your vehicle keeps producing white smoke after the stated period, you’ll need to troubleshoot and fix the problem as soon as possible.

What would cause white smoke to come out of the tailpipe?

  • don’t automatically assume the worst.
  • coolant will begin to leak out of it.
  • Damaged Coolant Reservoir Tank.
  • Oil Leak.
  • Bad Fuel Injector.
  • Engine Control Unit Error.
  • Cracked Engine Block.

    What does white smoke from tail pipe mean?

    White smoke from tail pipe normally means you are burning coolant. Could be a blown head gasket. With car running, check for sweet smell from tail pipe, if you do, it’s coolant burning. Also see if you have coolant running out of tail pipe.

    What does white smoke coming from the tailpipe mean?

    White Smoke From Tailpipe If you notice white smoke coming from your tailpipe constantly, even on warm days, that could be caused by an engine that’s consuming coolant. Since coolant is at least partially water, it’ll create a similar white smoke as it evaporates in the engine and exits the tailpipe.

    What cause white smoke coming out of exhause pipe?

    Causes of White Smoke from the Exhaust Pipe Condensation. The most common reason for white smoke from the exhaust pipe is that it is condensed in the exhaust pipe. Bad EGR Cooler. If your exhaust smoke smells sweet, it’s most likely condensed coolant you are faced with. Bad Head Gasket/Cracked Cylinder Head. Faulty Coolant Container/Tank. Oil Leakage. Faulty Fuel Injectors.

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