Why does my ISX engine keep eating coolant?

Why does my ISX engine keep eating coolant?

2009-2010 ISX’s are known for bad EGR coolers. But they quietly eat your coolant by letting it go out the exhaust and gradually gets worse over two month’s time. It doesn’t push it out the overflow. I think it’s the gasket design. When total EGR cooler failure happens your cylinders will fill with coolant and the engine will hydrolock.

Is there coolant in my Cummins ISX tank?

Vocational, Technical or Tra… 2018 kenworth t680 isx Cummins. Coolant pushing from 2018 kenworth t680 isx Cummins. Coolant pushing from expansion tank to overflow tank. Things I’ve tried to fix it. New expansion/overflow … read more Hi. Just had my Cummins ISX inframed but today I noticed a little coolant in the overflow tank.

How much coolant does a Kenworth ISX use?

I am working on a 2010 w900 kenworth with an isx. It is using about one to two gallons of coolant per week. It does not appear to be leaking anywhere on the engine or truck heating system. I pressuriz … read more

Is the ISX head gasket good for a truck?

The dealer where I bought it has replaced the coolant overflow bottle, and the complete turbo, and they have supposedly checked the egr cooler, and air compressor, and the head gasket, but they say they are all good. The truck does fine one day with no coolant loss, and then the next it will push coolant out twice in one day.

Are there any turbo problems with a Cummins ISX CM871?

If it is buried in soot, and it will be, at 250k+ miles, it is, at the very least, costing you fuel mileage by now, or at its worst, causing turbo problems, power loss, hesitation in the acelerator, and/or excess soot problems. You will get turbo actuator alarms long before you get alarms for this sensor being cloged.

Do you need an oil cooler for a Cummins ISX?

Just replaced the oil cooler and air compressor and dont know if eith … read more Disclaimer: Information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site (“Posts”) comes from individual users, not JustAnswer; JustAnswer is not responsible for Posts.

How to test the EGR cooler for coolant?

To quickly test the egr cooler, just remove the pipe that is on the outlet of the egr cooler and check for coolant. If coolant is found, the cooler will need to be removed and pressure tested to make sure it isnt internal engine. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but I’m willing to bet its the head gasket. There is a week spot on #5 and#6.

What causes a Cummins EGR cooler to fail?

EGR coolers are 100% failure. Head gaskets usually cause compression/pressure in the cooling system and push coolant out of the reservoir. I highly doubt you need a head gasket and liners.

Is there a recall on Cummins ISX coolant?

Thanks, I am looking for Cummins Campaign or Bulletins with the coolant loss as their basis. They have updated the cylinder with APR kit. And the emissions system is on recall right now. While there is no direct campaigns that would apply to your complaint of coolant loss, the egr cooler is the most likely culprit.

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