Why is my odometer not working on my Silverado Sierra?

Why is my odometer not working on my Silverado Sierra?

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What are the fuses on a GMC Sierra?

STOP LPS Fuse #14 20A VEH STOP and CHMSL Fuses. Trailer Wiring (LH. RH Turn and Stop Lamp) ECM 1 Fuse #15 10A Vehicle Control Module (VCM)/Powertrain Control Module (PCM) from IGN I Relay) INJA Fuse @20 15A Fuel injectors 1. 3, 5, and 7.

Why is my odometer and message center not working?

If both the odometer and message center are not working, the problem is likely to be a fuse (both of these displays share the same fuse.)

How to repair the odometer on a GM Truck?

Insert the key into the ignition and turn to “ON” – you don’t have to fire up the truck, but you will need to turn the key enough that you can move the gear stick down to the lowest position. Using the steering wheel’s height adjustment, move the steering wheel to the lowest position. Finally, remove the dashboard surround.

Where is the fuse box on a GMC Sierra?

GMC Sierra mk1 (2001 – 2002) – fuse box diagram Posted on 27 December 201624 October 2018by admin GMC Sierra mk1 (2001 – 2002) – fuse box diagram Year of production: 2001, 2002 Instrument Panel Fuse Block The fuse block access door is on the driver’s side edge of the instrument panel. Pull off the cover to access the fuse block.

What’s the fuse on a 2003 Chevy Silverado?

LBEC 1 50A FLASH Fuse, TBC 2A Fuse. TBC 2B Fuse. TBC 2C Fuse. LT DOORS Fuse LR PARK 10A Exterior Lamps-Left Rear.

Where can I find a Chevrolet Tahoe fuse diagram?

Automatic Transfer (ATC) Control Module, Vehicle Control Module (VCM) Alldatadiy.com and Eautorepair.net are professional-grade shop manuals—period. They include wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins. In most cases, their diagrams are right from the factory manuals.

Why are all the gauges on my GM Truck not working?

Last night I was comin home from the store and realized my speedometer wasn’t working (ins’t the first time) so i hit the dash, then realized NONE of the gauges were working.. Gas gauge, almost empty. Water temp, cold. No oil pressure. The alt wasn’t charging. No tac and no speedometer.

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