Why is my Vanagon not cranking at all?

Why is my Vanagon not cranking at all?

If it cranks normally, there is a wiring problem in the vehicle on circuit #50 (fat red wire with black stripe) somewhere between the ignition switch and starter solenoid, probably one of the plug connections along the way. Hope that helps!

How to diagnose the issue in Vanagons?

If the engine cranks or starts to crank, the problem is in the neutral safety switch. Try and take the shifter apart and clean the contacts. For testing purposes, these contacts can be bypassed. And if doing so still does not fix the no-crank issue, the problem is clearly NOT with these contacts. If this does not work, continue as follows:

Where is the solenoid on a Vanagons starter?

This wire eventually ends up at the solenoid on the starter assembly. When you turn the ignition switch to “START,” the ignition switch connects these two wires and sends power to the solenoid on the starter, which sends power to the starter motor (internally) and cranks the engine over.

How do you check circuit 50 on a Vanagon?

To check circuit 50: 2) If your Vanagon has an automatic transmission, the red wire with the black stripe has to pass through the neutral safety switch contacts that are located on the shifter itself. With your LEFT hand, turn the ignition switch to the START position and hold it in that position.

How does the cooling system on a Vanagon work?

All water-cooled Vanagons have an automatically controlled electric fan on the radiator. The way the system is supposed to work is like this: after the engine is started, the thermostat on the engine stays closed until the coolant temperature at the engine reaches 87°C (189°F).

Where does the current go in a Vanagons?

Now the current exits the switch via the red wire with the blue stripe (lighter gauge). That wire goes back into the vehicle and under the dashboard and triggers the second stage relay, which in turn sends current via a larger gauge, solid red wire to the motor’s second stage (high) mode.

Where is the starter plug on a Vanagons?

The starter is actually an assembly that includes an electric motor and solenoid. The secondary starter circuit sends power to the solenoid, which in turn connects the primary electrical circuit to the electric motor itself, internally within the solenoid. On the back side of the ignition switch there is a white plug with five or six wires.

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