Are international diesel engines any good?

Are international diesel engines any good?

International DT466 Simply put, these are the favorite engines for fleet managers all across America because they run forever, are efficient, make good power for moving freight, and can be rebuilt right in the chassis of the truck.

What is the most reliable diesel engine ever built?

What is the Most Reliable Diesel Engine Ever? The most reliable diesel engine ever made was the 5.9L Cummins 12-Valve 6BT. The 5.9L 12-Valve has million-mile durability. It came factory with a 230hp, 440lb/ft of torque and an inline P7100 injection pump.

How much horsepower does a 1999 International dt466e have?

Standard torque models of the 1999 DT466E offer power ranges of between 195 and 230 horsepower, with torque ratings advertised at 520 to 620 foot-pounds of torque. International also provided high-end torque models, producing 215 to 250 horsepower and 620 to 800 foot-pounds of torque. The aluminum pistons give the DT466E engine its life and power.

Where did the DT466 legend diesel come from?

Especially, when you consider it came from users in the field before International’s marketing department got hold of it. The DT466 legend crosses into the industrial, agricultural and truck realms, but it was the medium-duty truck world where it made the biggest impact.

What kind of truck is the 1999 International 4700?

1999 INTERNATIONAL, 4700, Medium Duty Trucks – Cab & Chassis Trucks, International , Automatic, Year/Make/Model: 1999 International 4700Engine: T444ET… FOR SALE1999 International 4700 DT 466E/ G85 Elliott Crane Truck The truck motor was professionally rebuilt in 2018New compressor unitNew forced air p…

What’s the displacement of a DT466 diesel engine?

The original DT466 was the largest in International’s 400 series line, with 414 ci and 436 ci versions sharing the same block and cylinder bore size, their shorter stroke (4.75-inch and 5.00-inch, respectively) leading to their slightly smaller displacement (s). The 414 and 436 engines debuted in the old IH 966, 1066 and 1466 tractors.