Are Sprinter RVS worth it?

Are Sprinter RVS worth it?

If you want a small luxury RV with everything you need to live on the road, a Sprinter camper van is absolutely worth it. Sprinter vans hold their value well, last forever, and have a great quality of workmanship.

Is a Sprinter better than a Transit?

While there’s no doubt that the Transit has the more ‘fun’ and car-like cab, with the low seating position and eccentric infotainment system buttons, the Sprinter provides a lot more storage space and offers a much more commanding, elevated seating position and therefore has better all-round vision.

Why are Sprinter RVS so expensive?

According to The Wayward Home, part of the reason converting a Sprinter van costs so much is due to its base price. A base cargo Sprinter retails for $36,355 while opting for a high-roof version will increase that bottom line to around $51,000, and that’s before adding any customizations.

How long does a Sprinter van conversion take?

From research and reviewing how long it took several vanlifers to finish their Sprinter van conversions, we found the following estimates: 4-6 weeks for full-time conversion projects.

Why are Sprinter vans so popular?

Versatility is the number one reason why Sprinter vans are so popular. Sprinters are easily maneuverable in city environments. Depending on the wheelbase of the van, they can fit in a standard parking space. They’re tall enough to stand up inside of, but small enough to take most places a car can go.

Why is Vons more expensive?

Camper vans are often much larger than conventional vehicles. Paying for more cargo space adds several thousands of dollars to the price tag. For this reason, some people choose to buy camper vans with lower roofs or shorter lengths. Remember that less room means fewer people who can camp inside.

How long does it take to convert a van into a camper van?

How long does it take to convert a van? A small conversion will generally take 2-3 weeks and larger vans can take up to 6-8 weeks.

What kind of RV is a sprinter motorhome?

The Sprinter Motorhome, a Look at Class C Mercedes-Benz Sprinter RVs. The Class C Sprinter motorhome is a downsized fuel sipping RV that has everything a big Class A motorhome has, but in a more compact and maneuverable package.

Which is better the Sprinter or the transit?

Reason #5 for choosing Transit vs Sprinter: Better acceleration As mentioned above where we talked about AWD, the transit is quick off the stop. At least quick when compared to the diesel Sprinter. True, the Sprinter has more sheer pulling power.

When did the Dodge Sprinter become a van?

Indeed, the Sprinter has been around since 2001 (branded back then as “Freightliner”, then re-branded as Dodge in 2003) wayyyyyy before the Transit or the ProMaster. Today, the Mercedes Sprinter takes 6% of the commercial van market in North America ( source) . Sprinter vans are great until things go wrong.

Why did we choose the Wonder vs sprinter?

Again, RVs are NOT given to us or provided to us. We used our own savings and the proceeds from selling the Unity to buy it. There are lots of factors like appearance, storage, floor plans, available options, and personal taste issues that led us to choose the Wonder vs Sprinter.