Are there any problems with the MaxxForce 13?

Are there any problems with the MaxxForce 13?

With impressive responsiveness, excellent fuel economy, and a smoothly performing engine, the Maxxforce 13 engines had promised to give truckers many happy years on the road. Unfortunately, this was not the case as many problems arose with the EGR which led many truckers to delete the EGR which then led to further problems.

Why did Navistar create the MaxxForce 13 engine?

Understanding the need for better emissions control while providing maximum performance, Navistar International created the Maxxforce 13 engine. With impressive responsiveness, excellent fuel economy and a smoothly performing engine, the Maxxforce 13 engines had promised to give truckers many happy years on the road.

Why does my MaxxForce 13 have black smoke?

If you are seeing black smoke appearing and have taken this to a mechanic who has stated a possible issue with the EGR valve of your Maxxforce 13 engine, you will need to locate the valve and then clean the EGR cooler. Follow the steps below to complete this. Make sure the gasket seals properly by cleaning all the mating surfaces.

What does coolant tool do on MaxxForce 13 EGR?

This tool greatly simplifies the process of maintaining the complex cooler system of the Maxxforce 13 EGR so that you can give longer life to your engine. The coolant tool uses adaptors that create a powerful vacuum out of standard air to force the coolant out of the entire system.

Why does my ProStar MaxxForce 13 have low power?

A number of things can cause low power. The exhaust back pressure valve can be stuck closed so hardly no exhaust gas can exit the engine, or the turbo waste gate actuator can be stuck open so all the boost pressure is dumped out the exhaust. These are common and the actuator rods/linkage seize up.

Why does my Maxxforce Engine have a low power tip?

The main cause of this is a plugged up engine crankcase breather. A service kit is available for the MaxxForce DT diesel engines that allows mechanics to disassemble the low pressure and high pressure turbocharger on the compressor side (intake) and remove the soot buildup.

Why did my Maxxforce Engine flip a code?

The on board computer works with percentages when opening and closing the valves on the EGR so one would think that if the program that runs the engine noticed a wrong percentile it would flip a code. Regardless of that the problem got repaired and everybody is happy.

Can a MaxxForce DT diesel engine have no codes?

If a Maxxforce DT diesel engine in our fleet experiences low power with no codes we will be pursuing the same areas we looked at for this fix. As a matter of fact there is another bus in our fleet with similar problems. Experience has paid off once again.

Is the 2013 Maxforce having a low boost?

I have a 2013 Maxforce having low boost. I checked the actuator and it works so then I plugged the Actuator to see if that make any difference. I am having about 7 psi more boost after plugging it and it pulls good on hills too and also as soon as the turbo kicks in I hear screeching sound.

Where can I find the International MaxxForce 13 engine?

international maxxforce 13 engine assembly , engine #124km2y4404397 , 450 h.p. miles 154,483, stk #a18d0213

Is there a way to delete MaxxForce 13 DPF?

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How to get the ICP code for MaxxForce?

Need some help with maxxforce with icp code i was reading… need some help with maxxforce… need some help with maxxforce with icp code i was reading your post you helped someone else with my truck runs at idle but if i speed it up it dies my icp pressure running is 776 to 823 oil pressure is 46 to 60 running

What’s the best way to run a MaxxForce?

Best to have a charger on the batteries to help out . And crank for a long time like 30 seconds at a time but leaving the starter cool down for a few minutes in between . Once started run it at a higher idle like 1500 rpm until it gets to temp .

Is the MaxxForce engine too late for trucks?

Unfortunately though, for those trucking companies who purchased trucks with MaxxForce engine this changed technology occurred too late.

When did the International Maxxforce Engine come out?

International MaxxForce engines built in 2013 and after will already come with the fix. An International dealer can determine whether pre-2013 engines have been updated with the improved parts.

Is the MaxxForce Powerd internationals that bad?

I dare you to buy some maxxforce powerd internationals. We did the same crap got great deals for the maxxforce trucks in a fleet of almost all volvos. The internationals were the worst investments ever. We bought 5 and all of them had more than 15+k$ of work done on them.

Is there a Navistar EGR cooler for MaxxForce 11?

Info! This is a OEM International Navistar EGR Valve kit for 2011-2014 MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13 applications. The kit includes all gaskets necessary for installation. This is a OEM International Navistar EGR Valve kit for 2014-2015 Maxxforce 11 and Maxxforce 13 applications. The kit includes all gaskets necessary for installation.

Is the Cummins MaxxForce engine that bad?

I am pretty happy with the ISX other than an EGR problem every 200,000 miles. But I can’t help but notice that there is a $15-20000 price difference (30+%) between the price of ProStars equipped with the MaxxForce engine and the Cummins ISX.

How much does a MaxxForce 13 fan conversion cost?

2012 International Prostar Daycab with Maxxforce 13 – I had the dreaded Engine Fan Bearing Fail and the truck is covered with Oil. I know that the dealership can install a conversion kit for the engine fan to be belt driven rather that engine driven, but their price with Labor was going to be around $10,000.