Can a 2005 International shut off while driving?

Can a 2005 International shut off while driving?

I have a 2005 International with a DT466. The issue I’m having is without warning, while driving down the road the truck will lose power and then shut off. No engine light comes on, no codes in the Dash changed the fuel filter checked the fuses in the battery box, Checked the relays underneath the hood and replaced the camshaft sensor.

What makes a 1999 dt466e engine shut down?

4. The only two sensors that will shut this engine down are the injection control pressure sensor and the cam sensor. To see if the ICP sensor is bad unplug it and run the engine. It will turn on the engine light but don’t worry about that. If it stays running replace the sensor.

How many times has DT466 truck broken down?

The guy at Southland International (where we have it had recently towed twice) said it that neither time were there any active codes, only inactive codes and “one triangle” which he said meant service work would soon be needed. So now it has broken down 4 times with the exact same symptoms.

Where is the ICP sensor on the dt466e?

The ICP sensor is a three wire sensor located on the fuel/hp oil rail on the left side of the head. Its just about in the center of the rail just to the right of the hose from the hpop. Bad cam sensor or the positive wire (battery feed) on the key switch is burnt and loosing connection. Would be my first guess.

Why does my 1999 IH dt466e keep dying?

I have a 1999 IH DT466E that will not stay running. It will start right up and then run from anywhere from 30 secs. to several minutes. It then dies, but will start back up and do the same thing. I have replaced the fuel filter on the drivers side, and the high pressure oil pump is also new last fall.

Why does my DT466 diesel engine not start?

It was blowing Fuse 30 and that Fuse services the Diesel Fuel heater, Waste-gate Solenoid, and the Injector Driver Module Relay coil , PCM relay coil. I’m betting yours is something similar.

What kind of engine does a 2005 International 4300 DT 466 have?

Here is a little more info. 2005 international 4300 dt 466 trimmed y 225 hp. Single drive axel, 6 speed manual with air brake and air ride. I know it sounds weird, but have you checked your ride hgt?

Are there any problems with my 2005 DT 466?

Hello I bought my 2005 4300 dt 466 in may of 2012. Since then I have put close to fifty thousand in to it and still having problems, please help. May 12th replaced fan drive was not engaging at 210 degrees, replaced power steering pump wheel was whining turning both ways.

When did DT466 truck die and will not start?

(1) August 2015 truck was towed back to our place. One of the guys here said that he drained water out of the fuel and the truck started, but then it didn’t start next day so we called local mechanic and he checked electrical connectors and found that fuse in battery box was not making connection and shorted.

Where is the HPOP on a 1999 dt466e?

On the left side of the engine mounted on the back side of the front cover is the high pressure oil pump. Its also right above the air compressor ( if equipped) or ps pump. On the hpop there is a valve near the bottom of it.

What should fuel pressure be in 2005 DT466?

You will see the pressure relief ball. It may be partially unseated by debris causing a drop in fuel pressure. Anyway, you will notice a compuchek fitting on the top of the filter housing cap. You plug in a fuel pressure gauge here to test your fuel pressure. Need 20 psi to start, 65 psi is normal running pressure.

What kind of car is the DT 466?

Can’t seem to figure this one out myself, so I figured I’d try here. 2003 International 4300 with the 466, and have been having some issues. Used to start and run beautiful, probably the best running dt I’ve driven.

What to do if your fuel pump shuts off while driving?

Remove your fuel filter cap and filter at the engine. Drain out the fuel bowl by opening the water drain valve. Look at the bottom of the fuel bowl and see if there is any tiny springs or small pieces of metal. If you find any, this means the fuel pump outlet check valve has let go and you need a new fuel pump.

What causes a truck to shut off while driving?

If the system cannot develop the proper oil pressure for the high pressure side, it will log a code. So if you have no codes or warning lights, it is most likely a fuel problem. Fuel problems are not monitored by the ECM and will not generate fault codes. So don’t let them start throwing high pressure ICP parts at it.

What to do if your truck shuts off while driving?

No engine light comes on, no codes in the Dash changed the fuel filter checked the fuses in the battery box, Checked the relays underneath the hood and replaced the camshaft sensor. Running out of options. The truck usually will start back up and run within a half an hour. It is not over heating and my oil level is good as well.

Why does my car shut off after I stop driving?

If you car shuts off after you stop it is because the engine is very sensetive at the idle. This can be caused by a lot of things but is usually caused by a lean fuel mixture, causing the idle to drop too low. A faulty throttle body can also cause this.

What happens when a Cummins ISX shuts off?

When the truck does shut off, it does not really seem as though the fuel filter is empty of fuel. We can tell this by opening the drain screw on the bottom of the filter, and fuel will drain out. Sometimes the truck will re-start after shutting off without much trouble, but at other times it takes a lot of cranking.

What makes an International Transtar 8600 a Transtar?

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Is there an auto idle shutdown on a Cummins truck?

I have an ’07 International with a Cummins ISX. The truck is equipped with an auto-shutdown if the truck idles more than 5 minutes. To bypass it, you have to sit and wait 4 mins, 30 secs, wait for a light to start flashing on the dash, and tap the throttle.