Does NAB have a super fund?

Does NAB have a super fund?

MLC is NAB’s preferred provider of superannuation and retirement solutions.

How do I open a super account with NAB?

Apply online for your super through NAB or call us on 1300 558 863 from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm (AEST/ADST).

What is the USI for plum super?

Our USI and ABN*

Product USI ABN
Plum Super 70732426024150 70732426024

How do I open a super account in Australia?

How to open a super account

  1. Start the join form.
  2. Start the join form. You can join online and save your progress as you go.
  3. Personal details.
  4. Personal details. Have your personal details at the ready such as your email address.
  5. Investments.
  6. Investments. Choose how you’d like your super invested.
  7. Insurance.
  8. Insurance.

What has happened to MLC?

We’re excited MLC is now part of IOOF Holdings Ltd (IOOF). The sale from National Australia Bank (NAB) was completed on 31 May 2021. While it’s a big change for us, for our clients its business as usual. Our clients will continue to enjoy the same services they have in the past.

Is Plum super owned by MLC?

Plum Super is part of the MLC Super Fund of which NULIS Nominees (Australia) Limited is the Trustee. The Trustee is part of the IOOF group of Companies. Plum Super provides default super solutions for employers, with investments and insurance arrangements that can be tailored to employee’s needs.

Who owns Plum super?

National Australia Bank
Plum Financial Services

Industry Financial services
Services Superannuation
Number of employees Over 160
Parent National Australia Bank

Who can open a superannuation account?

Anyone under 65 can contribute to super. It does not matter if you are employed, self-employed, not working or retired. Your spouse and/or employer can also make contributions on your behalf.