Does Volkswagen Jetta have remote start?

Does Volkswagen Jetta have remote start?

DC3 Vehicle-Specific Remote Starter The only remote start solution for VW(Volkswagen) vehicles from 2006+, including Jetta, Golf, GTI, Passat, and Tiguan vehicles. Read below to see compatible years and remotes.

What is a 2 way remote start system?

With a two-way system, the remote fob sends the signal to the vehicle to start, as soon as the vehicle has started it will send a signal back to the fob which will alert you with either an audible tone or a flashing LED to confirm that the vehicle has started.

How much does a remote starter for a Jetta cost?

So I as well have an 2011 Jetta TDI (auto) with KESSY, and am close to pulling the pin on getting a remote starter installed. The only reason I haven’t is the cost, $750 CDN. The cost of a decent 2 way remote starter with good range (3000ft) is anywhere from $250-$400.

What is the number of the Volkswagen remote start kit?

Shop OEM Volkswagen Accessory # 3CN065760 (3CN-065-760). Remote Start Kit. Imagine warming up the engine from the comfort of your heated home in the winter or cooling the car off before climbing

Can a Compustar remote start work on a VW?

When you add the Compustar VW Remote Start System to your vehicle, you will now be able to remote start your vehicle using your factory key fob! To get the ultimate solution in range and features, pair this system with any Compustar remote transmitter. Make sure to consider a 2-way remote to get instant remote start confirmation!

Is it possible to remote start a TDI?

I was told at the dealer it was not possible when I bought the car in 2011- but that was then. Its also possible they just did not want to install it, they seem hesitant to even do a DSG service. Remote start = played out. Some states = illegal. It was possible in 2011 and still is. You have to surrender one of your keys/FOB (RFID).