How do I clear DEF quality Duramax?

How do I clear DEF quality Duramax?

Do a manual regeneration clean it up. Then it has to pass a DEF fluid quality test. If you can keep driving it, the ECM will run the tests and either clear the message or turn the light back on. It has to see the system working normal for the message to clear.

How do you reset the diesel exhaust fluid on a GMC?

To reset the system, press and hold the thumbwheel for two seconds while Fuel Filter Life Remaining is displayed on the DIC.

What is the best DEF fluid for Duramax?

Prestone Command Diesel Exhaust Fluid
The all-rounder best DEF fluid for Duramax is the Prestone Command Diesel Exhaust Fluid. It comprises 32.5% urea (the rest is water) which is a safe amount. This is also compatible with all SCR-equipped engines, including the Duramax V8. The Prestone Command DEF can work in conjunction with other DEF or AdBlue as well.

Why do I get a bad Def message?

Either way, if all is good now, you’re probably OK. 99% of the time the DEF is not bad. The message is based on NOx sensor readings. Most of the time its faulty NOx sensors. You can also get this message if the DEF tank runs dry (level sensor stops working)

Why is my 5 mile derate not working?

Maybe codes came from heating system on def and got reset and now the temp is up and def system wont check em. Try running test on heater lines and or components on SCR There is a DEF test and DEF reset that resets the “5 mile derate” Look for DEF service.

Is there such thing as poor quality Def?

I would think that poor quality DEF would fall under same circumstance as water in fuel. I have heard of some truck stops taking care of the bill, of course there were multiple trucks involved in a short time span so it was obvious. I have heard of them saying sorry for your luck too. I guess hope for the best and expect the worse.

Where did poor quality Def Leave Me stranded?

I filled up at the truck stop (big chain) full of fuel and filled up Def tank. 200 miles later “check engine light on” and poor quality DEF displayed on the screen. I parked for the night and next morning “engine de-rated” was on my smartnav along with “limp home mode” which wouldn’t let me go over 3rd gear, so I couldn’t leave the truck stop.