How do I setup my PC Mastercard online?

How do I setup my PC Mastercard online?

Steps (Desktop)

  1. Go to the PC Financial sign in page.
  2. Fill out the required fields in the form, enter your personal card number, CVV number, and postal code.
  3. Choose a Username and click “Continue”.
  4. Set a Password and click “Continue”.
  5. Please read and accept our Terms & Conditions for Online Banking.

Why can’t I log into my PC Mastercard account?

If you are having trouble logging in, it may be because you are using an incorrect user name or password. Before you re-enter your credentials, please remember: User names and passwords are case-sensitive. Answers to your selected security questions have to be an exact match.

How do I check my MasterCard balance online?

To check your credit card balance online, simply open a web browser and go to the card issuer’s website. It should be listed on the back of your credit card. Sign in with your account information, or set up online access to your account (most bank websites have a login or signup box on the landing page).

How do I put money on my computer card?

Set up a recurring bill payment from your other bank.

  1. Log into your other bank and go to the “bill payments” section.
  2. Add ‘PC Financial Mastercard’ as a payee.
  3. Enter your 16-digit PC Money Account card number and save it as a new payee.
  4. Make a bill payment to add money to your PC Money Account.

How do I check my PC Mastercard balance online?

How can I check my PC Optimum points balance?

  1. Sign into your online account.
  2. Scroll or swipe to your PC Optimum points tile.
  3. Click or tap on the tile to view more details on the transactions.

Is PC money a debit card?

The PC Money Account is a debit card that that lets you spend money out of your own bank account while still earning rewards. It can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted and comes with the following benefits: No monthly fees.

Can you deposit cash into PC money account?

You can withdraw cash from your PC Money™ Account without incurring fees through one of our many PC Financial ATMs. At this time, you cannot deposit cash or cheques into your PC Money™ Account.

How can I check my PC Mastercard balance?

How do I view my Mastercard statement?

Log in to your Mastercard Credit Account and click “View Statements” from “Statements & Activity” navigation menu. In the View Statements panel, click the link for the statement. Your e-Statements will open as a PDF file (Adobe Reader required). From here you can view, print or download your Mastercard Statements!

Which is the best way to pay PC MasterCard?

Use online bill pay to pay the mastercard.. easiest way and free. SnoopDop wrote: ↑ Since PC Mastercard partners with CIBC, will an in person payment at a CIBC branch tomorrow going to hit my card on the same day? You might be able to pay it same-day at a PC Financial ATM in a Loblaws / RCSS.

Is there an annual fee for PC Financial MasterCard?

The ‘bare-bones’ PC Financial Mastercard, if you can call it that, gives cardholders the ability to earn points without an annual fee. Unlike the other two cards, there is no annual minimum income requirement, making this card ideal for borrowers who are newer to credit or don’t have a high enough income to qualify for the other cards.

What are the features of the PC Financial MasterCard?

Let’s take a closer look at the features of each card, starting with the PC Financial Mastercard. The ‘bare-bones’ PC Financial Mastercard, if you can call it that, gives cardholders the ability to earn points without an annual fee.

How do I pay my credit card bill?

Click the Payment Link. Click on the “Bill Pay” or “Pay My Credit Card” link in your account; banks may use different language but it should be easy to find what you need. Once you have created your personal account, navigate to the area that allows you to pay your credit card bill.