How do you change the control pattern on a John Deere backhoe?

How do you change the control pattern on a John Deere backhoe?

To change the excavator control pattern on any John Deere rental equipment, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the pattern control changer underneath the seat.
  2. Unlock the box with the key.
  3. Unscrew the bolt holding the lever in place.
  4. Turn the lever to change the pattern.

What does a Doosan 225 weigh?

22.100 kg

Operating weight 22.100 kg
Main pumps max flow 2 x 206.5 l/min
Number of cylinders 6
Travel speed 3.0 / 5.5 km/h
Maximum traction force 14.6 – 27.5 t

What is the boom on a backhoe?

The part of the backhoe arm that’s attached to the tractor is called the boom, and the segment that holds the digger bucket is called the dipper or dipper-stick. The pivot that connects the boom and dipper is called the king-post.

What engine is in a Doosan excavator?

Both excavators are powered by a turbocharged 6-cylinder Doosan DL06K water-cooled diesel engine. The engine on the DX225LC-3 produces 167 horsepower while the DX255LC-3’s engine produces 185 horsepower.

What kind of cutout do I need for selector switch?

Install in 16 mm dia. cutouts. Rated NEMA 3S, 4X and 13, these switches are protected from corrosion, washdowns, and oil/coolant spraying. These switches are housed in a durable steel enclosure. Use these switches where ignitable gas, dust, and fibers may be present.

Where are the hand pattern control changers on all machines?

Case CX210B and C Behind the cab access door on the left side there is a cover like a floor plate with 2 wing bolts. Remove the bolts and cover and there it is. Volvo EC55C Lift the front left corner of floor mat and there is a little cover held by a thumbscrew. JCB JS220 Behind the seat, under the center access cover there is a rocker switch.

What kind of Dia cutouts for panel switches?

Install them in 22 mm dia. cutouts. Switches are rated NEMA 4, 13, and IP66. Rated NEMA 4, 13, and IP66, these metal switches are protected from washdowns and oil/coolant spraying. Install them in 30 mm dia. cutouts. These plastic switches are rated NEMA 4X, 13, and IP65 for protection from corrosion, washdowns, and oil/coolant spraying.

Where is the hand pattern control changer on a Kobelco 160?

On about a 2006 or so Kobelco 160, it was inside one of the doors behind the cab door, I think it was the rear one where the radiator was, but it could have been the one right behind the cab. It was on the wall, and took no tools to change.