How do you find the torque spec of a car?

How do you find the torque spec of a car?

Calculate Torque

  1. Fill your values into the equation T = K x U x D x P.
  2. Solve the equation T = 1.33 times 0.20 times 0.50 inches times 13,927 lb. The total is 1,852 inches lbs.RE. Reduce the value into ft-lb. You can do this by dividing your value by 12, the number of inches in a foot.

Is Torque app any good?

The Torque app is a must-have for Bluetooth enabled OBD2 adapters. It’s one of my favorite OBDII apps for Android phones! Torque Lite is the free version of Torque Pro. While Torque Lite is good enough for most users, Torque Pro is a better deal that comes with a complete set of features.

Where can I find the latest torque specs?

Find the most up-to-date torque spec listings in electronic format. is your convenient source for advanced sealing information. It’s the place to learn and share “tricks of the trade,” find proper diagnosis and installation instructions, and enjoy easy access to parts reference.

When to add running torque to normal torque?

Interaction formulas to be used for combining simultaneous shear and tension loads on a bolt (Should friction loads due to bolt clamping action be included in the interaction calculations?) Whether “running torque” for a locking device should be added to the normal torque

How often do you do a torque angle to failure test?

A typical range would be six to 24 run-downs.” In a torque-angle to failure test, engineers perform several run-downs, plotting torque vs. angle of rotation, and tightening the fastener until it fails. The goal is to find the yield point of the fastener. Every fastener has a certain amount of elasticity as it is stretched.

How to determine the torque of a bolt?

The wrong way, asserts Archer, is to pick a number off a standard engineering table or to rely solely on the classic equation, T = KDP, in which T is the target tightening torque; K is the coefficient of friction, or nut factor; D is the nominal diameter of the bolt; and P is the desired tensile load on the bolt.