How do you jump start a Volkswagen Golf?

How do you jump start a Volkswagen Golf?

The jump lead attached to the positive vehicle battery terminal must not touch metal parts of the vehicle. Check the window on the vehicle battery using a torch if necessary. If the display is light yellow or colourless, do not jump start the vehicle. Seek expert assistance. Avoid electrostatic discharge in the vicinity of the vehicle battery.

What does it mean when a golf cart does not start?

Try to start the golf cart after establishing this connection. If the cart does not start, then it is a clear sign that your solenoid does not have a problem. However, if it does, this does not indicate that the solenoid is the cause of the problem. You will have to check out the complete ignition system.

What does clicking sound on golf cart mean?

If you hear a clicking sound, then it means that the low side voltage is working. But, if there is no such sound, it means that either there is no low side voltage or there is a problem with the solenoid. Use a voltmeter and engage the solenoid.

What should I do if my VW Polo wont start?

Ensure that the battery clamps have good metal-to-metal contact with the battery terminals. If the engine does not start immediately, switch off the starter after about 10 seconds and try again after about half a minute. The steps should only be carried out in the specified order. Switch off the ignitions in both vehicles .

Which is the positive terminal in Volkswagen Polo?

Connect the other end of the red jump lead to the positive terminal ⊕ in the vehicle providing assistance Ⓑ. In vehicles without start/stop system: connect one end of the black jump lead to the negative terminal ㊀ in the vehicle providing assistance Ⓑ .

How do you start a Volkswagen Polo engine?

Open the battery cover (if there is one) in the engine compartment or open the cover of the positive jump lead connection point . Connect one end of the red jump lead to the positive terminal or , or to the jump lead connection point of the vehicle with the discharged battery Ⓐ .