How do you remove torsion bars from GMC Sierra?

How do you remove torsion bars from GMC Sierra?

Remove the torsion-bar adjusting bolt using the air impact wrench and impact sockets. Pull the torsion bar towards the tailgate of the truck to free it from the lower control arm. Then pull the torsion bar towards the lower control arm but underneath it to free the bar from the torsion-bar key in the cross-member.

How tall should the torsion bars be on a GM Truck?

Most manufacturers recommend a ride of 1/2″ to 1″ above the bump stops, but this ride height isn’t all inclusive to every vehicle, just an average. Thanks for the info. I cranked by torsion bars up a bit, but it really rode like crap, so I lowered them back down to where they were, had alignments done as well.

Can a torsion bar cause a shock failure?

Torsion bars allow for a lot of adjustability in ride height and so long as your using the specific shock for your vehicle variances in torsion bar adjustment should not cause shock failure.

What’s the difference between Z71 and Z72 torsion bars?

Your Z71 uses a progressive rate torsion bar that is rated slightly different, though the parts look the same they’re different, most of the difference will be in the “spring rate” of the torsion bars. Are the bump stops still contacting while driving?

How to replace torsion bar mounts under truck?

How to replace torsion bar mounts – Loud banging noise under truck – FIXED! – Silverado – Sierra If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What happens when you jack up a torsion bar?

Actually, you’d want the jack under the frame rail. When you remove that cross member, the frame will fall and the cross member will rise. Jacking the frame up to where there’s no weight on the wheel of the side being replaced will cause the cross member to lower into place.

How to replace torsion bar support crossmember Mount?

On the drivers side, just to be safe, I unbolted the two E-Brake cable supports closest to the area i was working so that i could tuck the cable underneath the frame as i’m sure the grinder would have made quick work of it. Repeat the same step on the drivers side for grinding off the rivets.

How many nylock nuts do you need to replace a torsion bar?

THE HARD (if you could call it that) PART IS DONE! For the re-install, you will need 8 7/16″x1.5″, minimum grade 5 bolts, i used a washer on both the inside and outside so 16 of those, and then i used 8 Nylock nuts. And here is where i apparently stopped taking pictures….I’ll get some of the finished product and post them later on.