How do you reset the dash light on a Volkswagen?

How do you reset the dash light on a Volkswagen?

Press and hold Minute Reset button. Press Trip Reset button until it says “IN01” Turn key to on position and then back off….How to Reset Your VW Service Light by Model Year

  1. Turn your key into the on position.
  2. Select the Settings menu.
  3. Select the Service submenu.
  4. Select Reset option.
  5. Press OK.
  6. Press OK again to confirm.

What does the VW Passat fault warning light mean?

Warning light name: VW Passat lights fault warning light. Description: This warning light comes on due to a fault in the vehicle lighting. Check all lights and change bulb if required. This may also indicate a fault in the dynamic cornering light. Warning light name: VW Passat check engine warning light.

Why does the instrument cluster shut off intermittently while driving?

The batt light goes on and the entire instrument cluster (spedo fuel turbo temp etc ) shuts off .. when it’s off the climate control won’t work and the sun roof won’t work . Sometimes the abs light comes on before it shuts off. Turns on and off intermittently. I’ve checked fuses and cleaned battery connections and ground connections .. please help

What does the Yellow Cog symbol on a VW Passat mean?

Description: The yellow cog symbol is an indication that the gearbox is overheating and the DSG dual clutch gearbox is too hot. You must pull off the road, stop and place the gear selector into position ‘P’ to allow the gearbox to cool down. Do not drive on until the warning light goes out. Warning light name: VW Passat central warning light.

Why is the ABS light flashing on my Passat?

One California owner warned that the flashing ABS light affects the state emissions test because the emissions check system will register the car as failing. However, the most serious reports involved problems with failing brakes, transmission problems, and no power for acceleration.