How many Air Lines are in a fuller shift knob?

How many Air Lines are in a fuller shift knob?

This kit fits 13 15 18 speed fuller transmissions and all 8ll models with 4 air lines on the shift. 13 speed k 1826 repair kit. Check for leaking fitting at the shift knob.

How to check Eaton Fuller 13 speed shift knobs?

Eaton fuller 13 speed air line diagrampdf free download here. This kit will service all eaton fuller transmissions with 4 air line shift knobs. Step b check air lines to make sure all lines are connected to the proper ports on the shift knob. Eaton 13 speed shifter air line diagram. The 18 speed has a splitter for the lower range as well.

What is the air line requirement for Eaton Fuller transmissions?

Eaton fuller transmissions are designed so. Only even or odd numbered gears. Eaton fuller 13 speed transmission air line. Install the lo. 15 speed models air system schematics disassembly and reassembly shifting controls. Eaton transmission division po. Minimum air requirement for the transmission is 65 psi. Eaton fuller 13 speed transmissions.

What is an Eaton 8ll transmission air line diagram?

Eaton fuller 8ll diagram schematic. Running or assure long transmission life. Below you will find a comprihesive list of fuller transmission parts manuals parts breakdowns and pdf parts lists that will help you identify what parts you need to repair or rebuilt your fuller transmission. Eaton 15 speed transmission air line diagram.

What do you need to know about an air shifter?

According to air shifter manufacturers, the place to begin is the air supply tank or cylinder. In practice, an air shifter requires a supply tank (CO2 or compressed air), a regulator, and a three-way 12-volt solenoid valve to allow air or CO2 to pass to the actuation cylinder (ram) on the shifter when a gear change is required.

How is the solenoid attached to an air shifter?

The “brains” of an air shifter is the electric solenoid (this is a Dedenbear solenoid from Summit Racing). The solenoid must be mounted solidly then the supply hose needs attached to the bottle regulator. A length of hose is attached to the shifter actuation cylinder.