How many episodes is mother of mine?

How many episodes is mother of mine?

Mother of Mine/Number of episodes

Who died in mine Kdrama?

Who killed Ji-yong in Mine and why? Turns out, Ji-yong had been lured to his father’s bunker by Seong-tae who had made an elaborate plan to kill him. This was in exchange for the blue diamond necklace. Ji-yong also incorrectly assumes that Hi-soo was the one behind him being ruined in Mine episode 16.

Who is Mother Emma in mine?

Ye Soo-jung
On the surface the Han family lives an enviable luxurious life, but it’s one they seem incapable of enjoying and often sabotage. When the drama opens at the scene of a murder, Mother Emma, played by Ye Soo-jung, notes that the rich family she knows lives in their own hell.

Who is Hong Jong hyun from we got married?

Jong Hyun won the 2011 Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards: Best Dressed, Model category. He was a member in We Got Married Season 4 starting from episode 91 with idol singer and actress Kim Yu Ra. Oh! My Lady Jae Young {Tarot 2.

Who is Hong Jong hyun from Vampire Idol?

Hong Jong Hyun. Hong Jong Hyun is a South Korean actor and model. He is best known for his roles in the television series Vampire Idol, Jeon Woo Chi, and Dating Agency: Cyrano. Jong Hyun won 2011 Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards: Best Dressed, Model category.

How old is Kim Hyun joong the singer?

Besides this, people also recognize him as a singer and songwriter. Kim Hyun-Joong was born on 6th June 1986 in Seoul, South Korea to the South Korean parents. As of 2019, his age is 33 years old with his birth sign Gemini. He is the son of Jeong Yeon-mi (mother) and Kim Hong-Seong (father).

Who is Hong Jong hyun in mother of mine?

The actor recently starred in the popular KBS weekend drama “Mother of Mine” as romantic lead Han Tae Joo, who fell in love with and boldly pursued his boss Kang Mi Ri (played by Kim So Yeon ). When asked if his own approach to romance was similar to that of his character in the drama, Hong Jong Hyun replied, “I think we’re similar.