How much weight does a V8 engine add?

How much weight does a V8 engine add?

The V8 conversion added about 190 lbs to the vehicle—210 lbs on the front axle and the rear axle lost 20 lbs of weight because the front of the engine is ahead of the front axle. The weight gain was noticeable with the stock front shocks—the front end would continue to cycle up and down after bumps.

Is there a conversion manual for a V8?

This manual shows how to do the V8 conversion using readily available parts from Chevrolet and various aftermarket companies. A lot of the V8 S-Trucks shown in magazines are not practical. They may look neat, but they live a pampered life, only being driven at (but not necessarily to) car shows.

What kind of engine does a 1988 Camaro blazer have?

The Blazer on the right (with the ultra cool whitewall tires) has a 1988 Camaro throttle-body-injected (TBI) 305 V8 and a Camaro 700-R4 automatic overdrive transmission. It remains stock looking, and is smog legal in California. The Camaro engine is almost exactly as it came out of the Camaro.

Can a V8 s-truck be a high performance vehicle?

The V8 S-Truck can be an extremely high-performance vehicle, and like any vehicle, should not be driven recklessly or somebody will get hurt or killed. WARNING: The weight gain from the V8 conversion will affect the handling and braking of the vehicle. Also, the payload capacity of the V8 powered S-Truck will be reduced.

What kind of car was the GMC in 1988?

Used 1988 GMC Values – NADAguides Research used 1988 GMC values for all models. Autos Motorcycles RVs Boats Classic Cars

What kind of engine does a GMC C / K have?

A complete re-design was done for the fourth-gen (1988 to 1998) GM C/K trucks, along with a new 4×4 independent front suspension. Developed as a high-torque engine with a low-end torque-grind roller cam, heavy duty forged powdered metal connecting rods, forged crankshaft, and hypereutectic pistons, the HT 383 is designed for hard work.

What kind of engine does a GMC Crate have?

Considered the third-generation, these completely redesigned new trucks had a squared-off look. The GM HT383 Crate Engine from Pace is a small package tuned for big torque, and a good hi-po replacement for third-gen C/K trucks.

What are the most common GMC truck problems?

One of the most common 2007-2013 GMC and Chevy truck problems owners experience is excessive oil consumption. This problem led vehicle buyers to launch a class-action lawsuit against GM, which alleged 2010-2013 vehicles with Generation IV 5.3 Liter V8 Vortec 5300 engines were defective.