How often does the engine fan stay on?

How often does the engine fan stay on?

Discussion in ‘ Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ‘ started by tkilby, Jun 23, 2010 . 05’ Pete 379 with a Cat ACERT: The last few day’s the engine fan has been staying on 90 % of the time. The air solenoid on the firewall has no power and the manual rocker swich has power only on one side “the yellow/orange wire”.

What happens to the fan on a Cummins ISX?

If it fails fan stays on Hshappy2 Thanks this. There is a switch on the front end of the engine that is air actuated. If it fails fan stays on Click to expand… 77fib77 Thanks this. This is the best job I have had.

How do you turn off an engine fan?

There are two high pressure switches, one to cut out the compressor and the other to signal the ECM to turn on the fan. Open circuit to the ECM means high pressure, once you jump it to trigger low pressure, (assuming the pressure is faulty), the ECM will count down about 2 to 3 minutes before it will actually turn off the fan.

How often does the cat cooling fan cycle?

The fan cycles off and on about every 3 minutes. 3 on; 3 off. It does this all the time. Weather idling, road speeds, or A/C on or off. Engine temp never goes above 190*. Anyone have any ideas what is causing this?

Why does my engine fan keep coming on when the a / C is off?

You could have a bad high press switch on the A/C. Thats the swtich that will turn the fan on when the A/C is on and say your not moving to get air flow. Unplug the swtich and put a jumper wire on it and if the fan stops you found your porblem. They can go bad and make the fan stay on even with the A/C off.

Why does the ECM keep the fan on?

the best thing is take it to the dealer have them hook it up and see why the ecm is holding the fan on. The ecm sends power to the solenoid to shut the fan off. Dont rule out the a/c if the expansion valve gets pluged it will hold pressure for a long time which can keep the fan on. tkilby Thanks this. Having a great time with TMC.

Is the engine fan always running in a truck?

When I was in training my train had a 2015 and pulling up hills the fan would kick on around 210. With my truck I could be pulling 80k up I 80 into the Poconos and it never gets above 180. I’ve been keeping my eye on the belts and fan blades for excessive wear but haven’t noticed anything yet.

Why does my clutch fan not keep working?

The old air actuated clutch fans stop working when they donÂ’t have enough air pressure, the newer ones stay on when they do not have enough air pressure. Could be leaky airline, switch, or problem in the clutch drive itself.

Is the C-13 Pete engine a bad engine?

I’ve got 12 Petes with the same EPA 07 C-13 430 HP/1650 ft/lb. No major problems to date, except some regen issues. The dealer replaced the ARD heads to an updated version which cured the issue. The motors only have 250K on them so we’re getting ready to start replacing DPFs.

What should coolant temp be on C13 engine?

Two separate sensors. fan will cut in at 103 deg C engine coolant temp 73 deg C inlet air temp and when ever cyled by the air con. Generally I value 5V analog data higher than a 2 wire thermal resistor.