How often should I Regen my Freightliner Cascadia?

How often should I Regen my Freightliner Cascadia?

Depending on your driving, active regeneration may happen as often as once a day. If you do a lot of stop and go, it can happen even more often. Frequency depends on duty cycle and how much soot collects – as often as once a day or every other day An active regeneration could take up to one-half hour or more.

How do you force a Freightliner to Regen?

Press and hold the regen switch for 4 seconds. The engine will increase rpm and initiate the regen process.

How often does a dd15 Regen?

low temperature regen will start every 150-180 engine hours. Sometimes there will be high temperature regen while vehicle is in motion and DOC outlet temperature will rise up to 1200F. It may take 20-30min. Forced parked regen you can start when dpf is in Zone 1 .

How to Regen a Freightliner with error codes?

In other words, if your error codes indicate that regeneration is immediately needed, you may want to park your freightliner and conduct parked regeneration. Here is the process of proper parked regeneration: Here’s how to regen a Freightliner using the parked/stationary procedure. Turn on the engine and slow idle for a few minutes.

When is the best time to Regen a Freightliner?

The regen has concluded when the engine returns to slow idle, and the DPF light remains out. Remember, exhaust temperature increases during regeneration, so it is essential that this procedure is performed outside and away from flammable or combustible materials. Hopefully, you are now educated enough on how to perform a parked regeneration. 2.

What was the fault on my Freightliner Cascadia?

421.1  SPN 3713/FMI 31 – EPA10 – GHG14 High Idle Regeneration Aborted – Low Regeneration Temperature The fault indicates that the High Idle Regeneration (HIR) was aborted due to the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) outlet temperature not reaching the expected target temperature to complete a HIR.

When to remove manual ash from a Freightliner?

If your truck has reached the 500,000 miles or 800,000-kilometer interval and a check engine light illuminates on your truck’s dashboard, then it may be telling you that manual ash must be removed from the DPF. This means you or a mechanical technician needs to remove the DPF filter for manual cleaning.