How to change the timing on a fuel injection pump?

How to change the timing on a fuel injection pump?

Remove the fuel injection pump timing cover. Rotate the fuel injection pump driveshaft in the direction of pump rotation to align the timing line on the weight retainer hub with the line on the cam ring. Position the fuel injection driveshaft locking key plate in the locked position.

Where is the injection shaft on a fuel pump?

New and reconditioned fuel injection pumps must be received with the shafts located in this position. At the point of injection, the keyway of the shaft will align with the delivery valve receiving the injection and the illustrated hash mark on the seal housing.

Do you pay return freight on injection pumps?

Click images to enlarge. Customer pays return freight on cores of this type. Cores CANNOT be burned or dismantled. Customer Pays return freight on cores. Part numbers are provided for reference only. Many of our products are NEW AFTERMARKET.

How to remove injection pump from Kubota Fork?

Align the control rack pin (3) with the notch (I) on the crankcase, and remove the injection pump (2). 2. Remove the injection pump shims. 3. In principle, the injection pump should not be disassembled. (When reassembling) When installing the injection pump, insert the control rack pin (3) firmly into the groove of the fork lever and thrust lever.

Why is my Fass fuel pump not working?

If fuel flows out of the fuel bucket and back into the fuel bucket without any air bubbles, the fuel pump is operating normally. If the fuel pump operates normally after performing the above step and the truck still will not start, ensure that all air is bled out of the fuel supply system up to the injection pump.

How can I tell if my fuel pump timing is wrong?

The best and easiest way to find if there is possible deviation in fuel pump timing is to take draw card diagram. To take the draw card diagram place the indicator instrument to the indicator cock; with the indicator drum out of phase of the piston stroke by 90 degree.

How long to run Fass fuel transfer pump?

Turn unit on (Dodge 24 valve may need to bump the starter more than once, so do this before the pump shuts off) Allow it to run 30 – 60 seconds (the tone of the motor should change once the fuel reaches the pump)