How to turn on ignition on Volkswagen Jetta?

How to turn on ignition on Volkswagen Jetta?

Switch ignition on and select engine control module with “Address word” 01. (Connecting scan tool and selecting engine control module).

How to test a VW ignition control module?

This can be very easily done with a simple cylinder balance test. For those of you who may not know what a cylinder balance test, this test involves unplugging each ignition coil (from its 3-wire electrical connector) while the engine is running. Why?

Where to insert switch 2 in VW Jetta?

– Insert switch -2- (or switch -3-) into vent and engage. fPage 174 f- Place sufficient lint-free cloths under the ABS control module and hydraulic unit – fRemove brake lines -3- on the side of hydraulic unit CAUTION: DO NOT BEND BRAKE LINES IN THE AREA OF THE HYDRAULIC UNIT.

What are the parts numbers on a VW Jetta?

Engine Control Module Adapting to Throttle Valve Control Module fPage 62 – Antenna cables – Touareg 2004 > 2006 Tip: Part numbers listed in this bulletin are for reference only Always check with your Parts Dept. for the latest parts information. fPage 326 fWHAT ARE TRACKS?

How many ohms does a VW Jetta have?

Contact 1 + socket 72 Contact 2 + socket 73 Contact 3 + socket 36 Contact 4 + socket 35 Contact 5 + socket 33 Contact 6 + socket 34 Wire resistance: max. 1.5 Ohms – Additionally check the wiring for short to battery positive or Ground. – Additionally check wires for short to one another.

How to check the wiring of a VW Jetta?

Using the test box V.A.G 1598/18 the wiring can be checked according to the wiring diagram. NOTE: – Before connecting test leads the correct measuring range on the tester must be adjusted. Otherwise the electronic components can be destroyed! – Use the multimeter V.A.G 1526 with auxiliary cables from V.A.G 1594 for testing.

What are the wiring requirements for a VW Jetta?

VAS 5051, connecting Test requirements: – All fuses OK according to wiring diagram. – Battery voltage must be at least 11.5 volts. fPage 479 f- Check Ground connections for corrosion and poor contact; repair if necessary. Ground connection point is located under battery.

How to disengage electrical harness on Volkswagen Jetta?

– Disengage and disconnect electrical harness connectors if necessary Installing – Connect and engage electrical harness connectors.

How to replace shocks on a VW Jetta?

Strut, spring, mount, and bearing installation on mk4 Jetta, Golf, or New Beelte DIY replacement of struts and shocks on a VW Jetta, Golf and bearing replacement First writeup: Shock absorber replacement for Jetta, Golf, New Beetle back to 1000q: mk4 TDI “how to” index(1998-2003) back to 1000q: pumpe duse TDI “how to” list (2004+)