Is Boris Kodjoe fluent in German?

Is Boris Kodjoe fluent in German?

Kodjoe is fluent in German, English, Russian, French and Italian, he also speaks a little Spanish.

What is Boris Kodjoe first language?

Originally Hailing from Austria, the actor grew up speaking German. Born to a father from Ghana and Jewish-German born mother, he was surrounded by different dialects during his upbringing. Kodjoe speaks 3 other languages including Spanish, French and English.

How old is Boris Kodjoe?

48 years (March 8, 1973)
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Are Boris and Patrick Kodjoe twins?

Many people know actor Boris Kodjoe for his long-running stint on the popular show, Soul Food. Or they may know him for his wife, fellow actress, Nicole Ari-Parker, who was also on the show. With all that said, many do not know him for his brother and business partner Patrick Kodjoe. That’s right, Boris has a brother.

Who is Nicole Parker married to?

Boris Kodjoem. 2005
Joseph Falascam. 2001–2001
Nicole Ari Parker/Spouse

Does Boris Kodjoe’s daughter have spina bifida?

Spina bifida is a neural birth defect that can cause leg, bladder and bowel damage in infants and children. Addicted star Boris Kodjoe explained how the disorder affects his daughter in an interview with Hello Beautiful. “Our daughter Sophie was diagnosed with spina bifida and thank God she has leg function.

Who is Boris Kodjoe’s wife?

Nicole Ari Parkerm. 2005
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Is Boris Kodjoe really singing in the gospel?

GORDON: Kodjoe is now starring in the new movie, “The Gospel,” based on the parable the prodigal son. In the film, Kodjoe does all his own singing. KODJOE: (Singing) Come on and put your hands together.

How tall is Boris Kodjoe?

6′ 4″
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Is Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Parker still married?

Actors Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe have been married since 2005. The couple shares two children, son Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe and daughter Sophie Tei Naaki Lee Kodjoe. Despite being married for sixteen years and two kids, the couple remains deeply in love to the extent that one will think they just started dating.

What languages does Boris Kodjoe speak?

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Does Boris Kodjoe have siblings?

Patrick Kodjoe
Nadja KodjoeLara Kodjoe
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