Is the ECM dead on a Freightliner Columbia?

Is the ECM dead on a Freightliner Columbia?

Discussion in ‘ Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Mechanics Forum ‘ started by bruce25, May 19, 2017 . I have tried everything checked fuses pdm box battery fuses. Checked cables i am oit of ideas is the ecm dead? Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport. Please Select…

What kind of truck is the 2007 Freightliner Columbia?

2007 FREIGHTLINER, COLUMBIA 112, Heavy Duty Trucks – Conventional Day Cab Trucks, Caterpillar C-13, , good truck, runs great, good tires, air seat,, 4… 2007 Freightliner CL120 Day cab tractotMercedes [email protected] /Fuller FRO-15210C 10 speed manualAF-12 12,000lb front axleART-40 40,000lb rear a…

What are the volts on a Freightliner ECM?

Series 60 12.7 year 2003 i checked harness pins for volts and the big pin close to cab has 4 pins with 12 volts and a 5 large pin cable above it has two pins with 12 volts. So ecm is getting power but dash is not reading anything from it shows 0 volts no eng with alot of faults and also check eng and protect is constantly on once you turn the key.

How to start a 2005 Mercedes Benz Freightliner?

Park it on a bit of a down hill with the air tanks full. Put it in 3rd gear and shut it off. Turn the key to on and let it roll with the clutch depressed. Release the clutch gently while applying a bit of pressure to the diesel pedal.

How many volts are in the Columbia ECM?

Click to expand… Series 60 12.7 year 2003 i checked harness pins for volts and the big pin close to cab has 4 pins with 12 volts and a 5 large pin cable above it has two pins with 12 volts.

What causes a Freightliner Columbia engine to quit?

You many have a fault with one of these or wiring with the datalink. If the engine is quitting that tells me a loss of ignition power or unswitched battery power. The main power to the cab could be lose or corroded at the firewall or where ever it enters.

When to go to Freightliner for electrical problems?

I always recommend to customers with weird electrical problems like this or something specific to your make of truck to always always always go to dealer that specializes and sells that make. The techs at Freightliner will have the most experience and the best wire diagrams and information over any other dealer.

What should I do if my ECU light comes back on?

Drive the car for at least 10 miles for the ecu to learn, if there is a problem with your vehicle then the check engine light will come back on and you can analyze the fault code that the ECM throws. These codes will guide you towards the root of the problem and you can begin replacing parts to try to fix the issue.

What to do if your ECM line is corroded?

We had a corroded power line to ECM he replaced it with a new fuses and patch of wire, a partial not the whole line.

Why does my ECM keep blowing out on my truck?

Driver went in pick up the truck it was running fine, after he was hooked to the trailer, truck stalled again, they took him back in the shop and came back telling me that ECM is blown because of corroded wire. my question is, why would truck start at and runs fine for the first time when he just fixed it with fuses and partial power wire to ECM.

Who are the owners of the Freightliner truck?

Freightliner Trucks is a division of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimlercompany.

Where are the Freightliner Genuine Parts distribution centers located?

THE PARTS YOU NEED. WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED THEM. Your business depends on getting the parts you need, when and where you need them. Our distribution centers are located across the country and employ the latest product-sourcing technology to distribute parts quickly and get you back to business. Freightliner® Genuine Parts