Is WKU a wet campus?

Is WKU a wet campus?

Western Kentucky is traditionally labeled a dry campus, although alcohol is allowed for tailgating and sold at football games.

Do you have to stay on campus at WKU?

Do I have to live on campus? All full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus for two years. Exemptions for this policy include students who: Are veterans of military service (181 days or more)

Is WKU a good school?

Within Kentucky, WKU Offers Average Quality for a Good Price. Western Kentucky University is ranked #12 out of #27 in Kentucky for quality and #7 out of #26 for Kentucky value. This makes it average quality for a good price in the state.

Where can I study at WKU?

Best Places to Study Around Campus

  • DSU Study Lounge. The DSU Study Lounge , has many comfortable chairs, sofas, and tables that are great to share with friends while you study together.
  • Mahurin Honors College. This building offers you many areas for studying.
  • Starbucks in DSU.
  • Jody Richards Hall.
  • The Registry Clubhouse.

Where can I get tour of WKU campus?

The tour feature is located within the “Campus Info” section of the iWKU application. You can also come to our office in Potter Hall to receive self-guided tour materials. We’ve created a virtual tour if you can’t wait to get here or if you are unable to visit.

Where is the campus of Western Kentucky University?

A Western Kentucky University campus tour is your opportunity to visit our beautiful campus on the hilltop overlooking Bowling Green, KY.

How many students are on the WKU campus?

You’ll hear from our student tour guides about our majors and academic programs as well as the variety of student clubs and organizations you can be a part of, including Greek Life, marching band and our student newspaper, the WKU Herald. We have nearly 20,000 students, and we hope that you’ll become one of us — a WKU Hilltopper.

How often do you do a campus tour?

Our campus tours generally take place two to three times per day, five days a week (M-F), during the regular fall and spring semesters. We also conduct tours on select Saturdays during this time period.