Should I keep my DEF tank full?

Should I keep my DEF tank full?

If you’re driving in low temperatures, it’s important to leave some room in the DEF tank. If the DEF tank is completely full, when it freezes, the water in it will expand and could crack the tank.

What is a Qls sensor?

The integrated Urea Quality Sensor (UQS) is a sensor that directly and simultaneously measures the chemical properties of aqueous urea solution. The UQS is an important tool for meeting regulated OBD compliance to confirm urea presence and concentration and security signal communication.

Is DEF fluid made from pig urine?

Urea is an organic compound produced when a body metabolizes protein. (And yes, we expel it as urine.) But despite DEF earning the nickname “pig urine,” Diesel Exhaust Fluid is actually made of commercial-grade urea—synthetic ammonia and carbon. This ammonia then breaks down and neutralizes the NOx gases.

What causes a Volvo D13 to go into a derate?

DEF Fluid – The tank with the Blue Cap holds DEF Fluid. This has a level sensor and a quality sensor to make sure the concentrations are in allowable limits. If you have bad DEF fluid, this can cause DEF quality issues and can put you into a derate.

What causes Def level sensor to not read?

BMT Certified Know-It-All! Unplug DEF pump harness and check for DEF inside the harness connector. Also unplug the Turbo actuator connections and recheck. I had a turbo actuator short out the J1939 line and cause the DEF level sensor not to read as it is on the J1939 line too. Thanks for the tips people.

Where is the speed sensor on a Volvo?

Some Volvos will allow you to temporarily override the derate if you unplug the speed sensor on the transmission. This sensor is either located at the tail shaft of the transmission or if it’s an I-Shift on the right side of the rear transmission.

What is the ACM on a Volvo D13?

ACM – Aftertreatment Control Module – This module controls the operation of the emission system. The ACM and Engine Control Module (ECM) are in direct communication to make sure the system is operational. This also regulates your DPF system and all the sensors associated with that system.