What are good questions to ask a nanny?

What are good questions to ask a nanny?

Questions to ask a potential nanny about their work experienceWhy did you leave your last job?What are the ages of the children you’ve cared for?What are your favorite ages to care for and why?What is your favorite part about being a nanny?

What does a nanny look for in a family?

Beyond compensation, location, and relationships with the parents, a nanny MUST have strong chemisty with the children. The connection you have with the child or children is the most important aspect of your job as a nanny. In order to provide the care they need, you should have great mutual chemistry with each child.

Why do you want to be a nanny answer?

Why Do You Want to Be a Nanny? “I find that being a nanny allows me to express my creativity and imagination during play. I am also fond of helping children learn and grow, and the love I receive back from the children in my care is often worth much more than any paycheck” is a great way to answer.

What do you think are the biggest challenges in being a nanny?

Here’s my top 5 challenges of being a nanny that I currently face.The Never Ending Chores. The birthdays meant we’d had both sets of grandparents visiting from interstate. The Time Spent Being A Taxi. The Family. Becoming ‘Attached’ The Inconsistency.