What do I need to service my Mercedes?

What do I need to service my Mercedes?

The A Service includes:

  1. Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement.
  2. Oil Filter Replacement.
  3. Tyre Inflation Check & Correction.
  4. Brake Component Inspection.
  5. Reset Maintenance Counter.

Do I have to take my Mercedes to the dealer for service?

This is a common question new Mercedes car owners have and one we get asked often. “Am I required to take my BMW or Mercedes back to the dealer for service?” “Does an independent repair shop void my warranty if they work on my car?” The list goes on and on. The answer is NO.

What do you need to know about a Mercedes Benz?

Location of power steering fluid, coolant, brake fluid and windshield washer. Here are ten things that all Mercedes-Benz owners should know to keep their cars running longer, avoid headaches and save money. 1. Know what oil and filter to use. Mercedes-Benz recommended oil interval is 10,000 miles.

What to do if you have a Mercedes transmission problem?

An advanced diagnostic scanner such as the iCarsoft or the Launch Creader listed here are a must for do-it-yourself Mercedes-Benz repair. They are affordable and can access most of the systems on your Mercedes-Benz including Airbag, EPS, ETS, Transmission, Engine, front and rear SAM, SRS, brakes and a lot more. 3.

Is there a recall on Mercedes Benz medic?

There is a couple of … Mercedes-Benz is recalling vehicles (166 and 292 chassis) manufactured from 2012 to 2017 quipped with Active Curve System (ACS). The problem is oil leaking from Active Curve System (ACS) reservoir. Owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles listed below should call their dealer to verify if their car is affected by this problem.

What kind of maintenance does a Mercedes Benz need?

The services reoccur at the 30,000- and 40,000-mile mark, where it’s more of the same, that being a synthetic oil and oil filter replacement, a wiper blade change, fluid level checks, and wiper blade replacements. This and other services describe the basic scheduled maintenance that will occur for the first 50,000 miles.

Where can I get service on my Mercedes Benz?

The price of these extended warranties is negotiable and are transferable to another owner when sold in a private sale, and service can be completed at more than 350 authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

What are the service intervals on a Mercedes Benz?

A Mercedes-Benz service schedule is divided into 10,000-mile service intervals. The first is labeled as “Service A.” At this juncture, Mercedes recommends a synthetic oil and filter replacement,…

Who is the best service partner for Mercedes Benz?

Safety and value retention for your Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz service and maintenance. When it comes to reliability and value retention for your Mercedes-Benz, your Mercedes-Benz Service partner is the first choice.