What does the little spanner mean on dashboard?

What does the little spanner mean on dashboard?

Many cars will monitor the time and mileage covered since the previous service and alert you when the next is due with a spanner symbol. They monitor wear and tear on components, and then calculate when the next service is needed.

What does VW inspect mean?

An inspection includes all maintenance work that is necessary to keep your car safe, both in terms of operational safety and traffic safety. Find out here exactly what is examined during the inspection, from the electronics, engine and gears, to the running gear and the vehicle body.

Is there a spanner warning lamp on a VW Golf?

VW golf: yesterday a spanner warning lamp lights up then turns off… Vocational, Technical or Tra… Did i get switched to you? I thought mikeT was helping me? Did i get switched to you? I thought mikeT was helping me? … read more Certificate Of Completion, A… Volkswagen Golf: My friend has a vw Golf which she just purchased.

What does the emissions warning light on a VW Golf mean?

Its an extremely popular choice amongst VW owners worldwide because it covers such a wide range of modules within the vehicle and has received excellent feedback from buyers. VW Golf engine emissions warning light – the check engine symbol indicates a fault within the emissions system of your Golf.

What are the warning lights on a VW Polo?

Whether you’re driving a VW Golf, Passat, Polo, or another model, the warning lights on your dashboard follow a traffic light colour system: Modern Volkswagen cars are filled with lots of sensors that monitor how each system in the car is behaving.

What happens when the amber light comes on on a VW Golf?

If the symbol flashes, the electronic steering column lock has malfunctioned. Switch the ignition off and back on again. If ignition cannot be turned on or off, gain professional assistance. If the light is amber, there’s a reduction in power steering. Stop and restart engine. If the light remains on, seeks assistance.