What happens when you switch between 12 V batteries?

What happens when you switch between 12 V batteries?

During switchover the voltage will drop 0.35 V (1N5817 @200 mA) below the voltage of the battery with the most charge, and it avoids the current surge caused by adding a capacitor. You could even remove the switch if a 3% power loss is acceptable.

Why do I need an aux battery in my car?

The intended use of the aux battery package. The aux battery is purely there to augment the starter battery as a power source while the engine is running and to stop the starter battery from being run flat by high power devices that are used for short periods when the engine is off.

What happens when the auxiliary battery goes bad?

If this auxiliary battery develops a malfunction, it will show up as an error message on the dashboard. The warning will be generic, but should feature a small battery symbol.

Can a 12V fridge be connected to an aux battery?

For instance, wheelchair lifts in accessibility vehicles, or a 12v fridge in a conversion van. Basically, any device that will draw more than 25 Amps. Hooking all sorts of other stuff like high load inverters to that circuit is outside the design spec. Replacing the aux battery with a higher capacity battery is also potentially harmful.

What happens when the auxiliary battery is low?

If the system detects a low auxiliary battery voltage contact 2 will remain closed once the engine is running to enable the auxiliary battery to be fully charged by the alternator.

Can a car battery be charged by an auxiliary battery?

The auxiliary may be able to provide a small maintenance charge, but if the battery is running certain appliances while in transit, this circuit will not be able to charge up the battery. The best solution is to use a battery charger, like # CTEK56353. This CTEK charger is designed to charge both auto and marine deep cycle style batteries.

How can I tell if my auxiliary battery is at fault?

You will know that it’s the secondary battery that is at fault, because the car will still turn on and some functions will still work. The auxiliary battery does not affect the car’s mechanical functions. If you are unsure, you should be able to diagnose the fault with an OBD fault code reader.

Why does the Toyota Prius have an auxiliary battery?

Once the auxiliary battery is fully charged contact 2 will open to prevent damage to the axuiliary battery and reduce alternator and consequently engine loads to save fuel and reduce emissions. Most Hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius feature a conventional 12 Volt auxiliary battery in addition to the high voltage hybrid system battery.