What is a Cummins CM2250?

What is a Cummins CM2250?

The current EPA 2010 version known as ISX15 CM2250 features enhanced Exhaust Gas Recirculation, Diesel Particulate Filter and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), also known as Urea Injection. DEF is heated, pumped and injected into a decomposition tube which then reacts with the exhaust reducing NOX.

Where can I find my Cummins Engine serial number?

Cummins ISX engine serial numbers are conveniently located on top of the rocker level cover. Cummins ISC and ISL serial numbers consistently have the data plate situated on the top side of the gear housing.

What is a CM2350?

This cable is used on Cummins ECMs that are classified as CM2350. This bypass harness is used to connect directly to the ECM instead of going through the vehicle dash connector. The Cummins ECMs with the CM2350 system have been used in production 2013 through the current model year.

Where can I find the serial number of a Cummins Engine?

Clearly engine data plates contain necessary information, but sometimes they can become unreadable. Below you’ll find a list of Cummins data plate and serial number locations sure to speed identification. From the ISX Series to the 6CTA, we have them all. Visit Diesel Parts Direct to perform your Cummins engine serial number lookup.

What is the meaning of Cummins CM871, CM2250, CM2350?

Those mean the ECM denominations. (10-09-2019, 08:55 AM)SpTecnico Wrote: Those mean the ECM denominations. Thnx SpTecnico. But what does denominations mean. Is th CMXXXX information important to us diesel mechanics? 4 10-09-2019, 12:24 PM (This post was last modified: 10-09-2019, 12:27 PM by kuracnabiciklu .)

What is the CPL number for Cummins ISX overhaul?

Genuine Cummins Overhauls CPL Part Number Reference Guide ISX, ISB 6.7, ISB 5.9, QSB 6.7, B Series, ISC 8.3, C Series, ISL 8.9, ISLG, QSL, B3.9 . 2020 3005 472023005 5600511 1120 2 Genuine Cummins ISX Overhaul CPL Part Number Reference The following TSBs should be referenced before performing an ISX Overhaul: TSB 110277 – Cylinder Liner

What do you need in a Cummins maintenance manual?

This manual contains information for the correct operation and maintenance of your Cummins engine. It also includes important safety information, engine and systems specifications, troubleshooting guidelines, and listings of Cummins Authorized Repair Locations and component manufacturers. Read and follow all safety instructions.