What is a desk based assessment Archaeology?

What is a desk based assessment Archaeology?

An Archaeological Desk Based Assessment (DBA) is a desktop appraisal using existing archaeological and historical information to determine any potential archaeological heritage assets and their impact on a site.

What is a desk based survey?

A desk-based assessment involves gathering together the written, graphic, photographic and electronic information that already exists about the site. This will help identify the likely character, extent, and quality of the known or suspected remains or structures being researched.

What is an archaeological assessment?

Archaeological Overview Assessments (AOAs) allow for a desktop assessment of several variables (e.g., known archaeological sites, traditional land use, or environmental variables) to identify and assess the potential of an area for as-yet unrecorded archaeological sites.

What are examples of desk research?

Methods of collecting desk research include:

  • sales figures.
  • newspapers.
  • websites.
  • government publications e.g. social trends.
  • commercial publications e.g. Keynote and Mintel reports.

What does desk research involve?

a type of market research that involves collecting and examining information that already exists and is easy to get, such as company records, published government reports, and information in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet: After extensive desk research, we found a company to produce the DVD.

What is a Stage 3 archaeological assessment?

The purpose of a Stage 3 archaeological assessment is to assess the cultural heritage value or interest (‘CHVI’) of a site through a controlled collection of material.

How do archaeologists survey a site?

When doing a surface survey, archaeologists walk across the survey area, looking for artifacts and surface features. These are then either collected or recorded and then analyzed for site location and type. A surface survey can be done in either an unsystematic or systematic manner.

What does desk research include?

What are three methods of desk research?

What is desk analysis?

Desk Analysis means any trading ideas, market commentary or other information and/ or non-independent analysis and strategy to support our sales and trading activities provided to you by us or our Associated Companies; Sample 1.

How much do archaeologists make in Canada?

The average pay for an Archaeologist is $81,906 a year and $39 an hour in Ontario, Canada. The average salary range for an Archaeologist is between $58,327 and $101,323. On average, a Bachelor’s Degree is the highest level of education for an Archaeologist.

How is an archaeological survey done?

This survey is generally undertaken at the request of archeologists or government agencies and utilizes GIS, GPS, aerial photography, and other tools for surveying. In most cases, these surveys are done as remotely as possible to avoid disturbing the archaeological site.