What is a mecate reins used for?

What is a mecate reins used for?

The mecate (/məˈkɑːtiː/ or less anglicized /məˈkɑːteɪ/; Spanish pronunciation: [meˈkate]) is the rein system of the bosal style hackamore used to train young horses. It is a long rope, traditionally of horsehair, approximately 20–25 feet long and up to about 3/4 inch in diameter.

What is a two rein horse?

Riding in the “two-rein” refers to a stage of preparation for work in the bridle where both the hackamore and the bridle are used–hence, the two reins. The horse is ready for this when he is operating well in the leather hackamore and when several other conditions are present in his education.

Why are split reins better?

Split reins can be great for trail riding, because you can easily ground-tie by laying the reins down on the ground. The trainer’s hold or bridge is made by laying one rein on either side of your horse’s neck, crossing the reins over each other, and holding one rein in each hand or both in one hand.

What is a Bosalita?

Product Information. This Bosalita is a Rawhide braided Bosal 1/4″ with latigo leather tie. Bosals are the nosepiece part of a hackamore outfit, but the terms are often used interchangeably.

Are split reins used as whips?

Split reins are ideal for one-hand riding, and when your horse drops its head, you can easily hold the reins. They are also easy to use to lead your horse, and the long ends can be used as a whip.

How long should split reins be?

eight feet long
Split leather reins are two individual leather reins, typically eight feet long. Each rein attaches to the bit individually and the rider holds both in their hand when mounted.

Are double bridles cruel?

SaddleDragon said: Double bridles are not the crazy tool they look like. Its not cruel and both saddleseat and dressage use them. The curb asks the horse to bend at the poll.

What kind of rope do you use for mecate reins?

Our Mecate Reins are made with a premium 9/16 double braid polyester yachting rope. The lead end is weighted with a leather popper and the bit end is finished with a shorter leather popper. If you’d prefer a tassel with a fancy turks knot on the bit end simply check the optional tassel box above.

What kind of reins do you use on a two rein horse?

It’s a narrow diameter California hackamore (bosalita) under a bridle with romal reins, hence the name two-rein. As your young horses begin to learn to hold, carry and use the bit correctly, you guide them with the bosalita and mecate.

What kind of Split reins do you use on a hackamore?

Leather is the product of choice for good split reins. Mecates are single reins used on California hackamores. Some riders prefer to use them on snaffles instead of split reins. A mecate has both a looped rein and a length used as a lead rope, called a tie-rein.

Which is better split reins or romal reins?

Holding the romal with your thumb up also helps you to sit up straight in your saddle; romal reins don’t pull you forward like split reins will, so they really help your riding posture. Good romal reins are hand-braided of beveled rawhide or kangaroo with buttons on both the reins and romal for weight.