What is LDAP inetOrgPerson?

What is LDAP inetOrgPerson?

The InetOrgPerson object class is used in several non-Microsoft, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and X. 500 directory services to represent people in an organization.

What is objectClass inetOrgPerson?

objectClass: inetOrgPerson. Specifies the inetOrgPerson object class. The inetOrgPerson object class is recommended for the creation of an organizational person entry because this object class includes the widest range of attributes.

What is LDAP objectClass?

In LDAP, an object class defines the collection of attributes that can be used to define an entry. The LDAP standard provides these basic types of object classes: Groups in the directory, including unordered lists of individual objects or groups of objects. Locations, such as the country name and description.

What is Posix account?

posixAccount is common objectClass within LDAP used to represent user entries which typically is used for for PAM and Linux/Unix Authentication.

What is an LDAP attribute?

An LDAP directory has entries that contain information pertaining to entities. Each attribute has a name and one or more values. The names of the attributes are mnemonic strings, such as cn for common name, or mail for email address. For example, a company may have an employee directory.

What is objectClass in Active Directory?

An object class is a component of the Active Directory schema that defines the “type” for an object or in other words it defines the set of mandatory and optional attributes an object can have.

What is the difference between POSIX and LDAP?

The LDAP directory uses a hierarchical structure to store its objects and their attributes, this structure can be thought of as a N-dimesional object. In contrast to this, POSIX or UNIX environments use a flat UID and GID namespace of entities (users, groups, services, etc.)

What is GidNumber LDAP?

GidNumber (group identifier, often abbreviated to GID), is a Integer value used to represent a specific group. This numeric value is used to refer to groups in the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files or their equivalents.

What is RDN attribute in LDAP?

The Relative Distinguished Name (RDN) of an object. An RDN is the relative portion of a distinguished name (DN), which uniquely identifies an LDAP object.

What is difference between CN and DN?

The Common Name (CN) can describe an individual user or any other entity, for example a web server. The DN can contain multiple OU and DC attributes. Only one instance of each of the other attributes is permitted.